Why Should You Choose Android For Enterprise App Development

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My friend Yash says that he still remembers the day back in 2016 when he decided to choose Android for his enterprise App Development, and that was the best decisions he took in his professional life. It has been around 2 years now and he is well settled and credits much of its success to Android’s flexibility as an app development platform.

Today, mobile devices have shown their adroitness way more than making or receiving calls. The world is much better because of smartphones.

Smartphones have come to exemplify one of the wisest inventions in the age of technology.

They offer interesting features and are seamlessly portable.

There is a software needed to operate these smartphones. And these software’s contain different apps.

One such software is Android.

Android is a software stack which is used as an operating system in the mobile devices.

Why Android?

IN LOOP creates mobile apps for businesses around the world and CEO Martin Adamek credits its success to Android’s flexibility.

Android devices are highly profitable if they are chosen for the enterprise App Development.

1. Highly Customizable

Android-based applications are highly customizable and easier to manage. Customization is based on the needs of the business and also the changing trends of the market.

2. User-Friendly

Today a large number of people use mobile devices which support Android because they are user- friendly and flexible in nature.

3. High Demand

Demand for Android devices is more than iOS. Nowadays, Android devices are a much more frequent sight because it is affordable. People of all classes can afford an android and due to high demand in the market, an enterprise can choose Android for app development. More demand leads to more downloads which are highly lucrative for an enterprise.

So, if an enterprise wants to reach a massive crowd they should choose the Android platform for app development.

Furthermore, Android applications can be conveniently integrated with services like Gmail, Google Chrome, Maps, Calendar, and others—just one more reason for their number one popularity rating.

4. Android is also known for its “Easy Adoption skill

The applications of Android are scripted in Java and therefore anybody could understand and build the applications of Android with the precise knowledge of Java.

Android does not only depend on one market to distribute its applications. It can be deployed in different ways. They can be amalgamated with the third party to distribute its applications or they can easily form their own distribution and sales channel.

5. An enterprise should choose Android for app development as it is cheaper

Developing apps in Android is cheaper than in other software’s or platforms. If we choose Android then we get a chance to invest less in app development. We don’t have to make a big investment in such a case. The demand for Android app development grew through its robust contributions to people.

Android has substantial reach throughout the world, standing at a 26% market share today.

As you can plainly see, Android enterprise apps are one of the best tools we have available for business growth and development.

This portrays a crystal-clear picture of how beneficial Android is for an enterprise for app development.

If you’re looking to maximize the reach of your enterprise and earn dividends, go for Android.

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