Are You Thinking to Start Your Career with Ethical Hacking? Then You Must Go Through Our Blog!

If you want to start your professional career with ethical hacking, then definitely you should know what is ethical hacking and how it will differ from hacking. Accordingly, you should also have knowledge of a few things to become an ethical hacker. 

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is a process of detecting and discovering the vulnerabilities in an information system. The ethical hacker needs to behave like a malicious hacker to identify the risks. Through conducting penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, an ethical hacker protects system/network and determine its security.

How Hacking and Ethical Hacking Differ from Each Other?

Intruders do a hack to theft the identity and confidential information for their personal or commercial gains. Hackers implement various techniques to cause damage to the information and assets and they demand money to release the data. Whereas on the other side, ethical hackers or security professionals do ethical hacking, a methodology to detect and determine unauthorized access and vulnerabilities in the information systems.

Same hacking techniques and tools are implemented by both hackers and Ethical Hackers but the major difference is that hackers use tools to destroy the information systems whereas Ethical Hackers use hacking techniques to safeguard the systems from hackers’ malicious attacks. Simply ethical hacking is legal and hacking is an illegal activity done by a hacker. A highly skilled ethical hacker or cybersecurity professional will only put an end to hackers.

Evolving digital environment, expanding IT sector and banking sector are witnessing strong ways to do illegal activities by hackers. Now, you can imagine at what extent, the market needs an ethical hacker. And also, how much an ethical hacker will be paid in this high demand environment. Learn the advanced concepts of ethical hacking and become a professional. If you already working as an ethical hacker, then go for various cybersecurity certification courses like CISSP, CCSP, CCISO, and CND etc., courses and hit high paid jobs.

If you want to become an ethical hacker, then you must and should go know the below:

  • Realize the Various Types of Hacking

An intruder can attack your information systems from any corner of the world. If you want to learn ethical hacking then you should ware of different kinds of hackers and hacking categories. The major types of hackers are briefed below:  

  • Blackhat Hackers

Hackers who break into information systems with malicious intent are called Blackhat hackers or Pirates. Blackhat hackers are further classified into the following categories.

  • Phreakers: Breaks piracy through the telephone network
  • Crackers: Implements software patches to eradicate the security of original software
  • Carders:  Hack’s electronic cards such as ATM, credit cards of a user to get the user ID and password credentials
  • Script Kiddies: Implement software program to interrupt systems just for their entertainment
  • White Hat Hackers

Hackers use hacking tools to prevent information systems and assets from bad-intent of hacking. They are also called Ethical hackers.

  • Grey Hat Hackers

Grey hackers fall in amid white and black hackers.

White Hats hackers and Gray Hat hackers utilize their hacking abilities to do ethical hacking, while Black Hats utilize their skills for illegal services. Since they serve for typical intents, companies employ every one of them. But a person who learning ethical hacking must focus on becoming a Penetration Tester. A “Penetration Tester” has the abilities to recognize the vulnerabilities in a system or an application and a penetration tester only can shield entire organization’ information architecture from external attacks.

  • You Should Learn Programming Languages and Have the Knowledge of Various Operating Systems

An ethical hacker should have command on C++, PHP, Python, Java programming languages. In addition, as an ethical hacker, you have to work on various OS such as UNIX, LINUX, Windows and IOS.

  • Certification Gives More Attention in Interviews

The CEH (certification in Ethical hacking) helps you to establish and govern minimum standards required to become an information security specialist. So, get certified from globally recognized IT certification providers like EC-Council, ISACA and ISC2 etc. Certification proves your abilities in implementing ethical hacking techniques and tools.

  • Update Your Hacking Knowledge

You should update your skills regularly. Know and learn new hacking skills and stay updated. This will dense your domain knowledge.

  • Evaluate your Career with Your Academics

If you want to become an ethical hacker, you should be a graduate in Computer Science, Information Technology as each organization has specific necessities. A proper academic background will strengthen your career path.

Working ethical hackers or aspirants should be aware of the aforementioned things for a better understanding of the market, industry, demand, and skills required to remain in your position (as an ethical hacker) over long-run.

Where You Can Get the Best CEH Training?

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