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5 Health Resolutions for 2019

Even though it’s June, it’s not too late to make some resolutions for this year. Summer has just started, and we still have three more seasons until the beginning of the next year. It’s still enough to change certain things about ourselves that we don’t like, isn’t it? One of everyone’s main goals this year is to be healthier, but somehow, many people find it difficult to achieve this. That is why we came up with a list of 5…

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“Does Sauna Burn Calories?” And More Health Benefits A Far Infrared Sauna Can Offer

Does sauna burn calories? — the one in a million question that almost everyone who hears sauna for the first time asks. This is because, for most people, a sauna is becoming a fitness option apart from exercise and eating right. Using saunas is associated with heat, and heat has been proven to do amazing things to the body. Saunas used to be exclusively available in gyms and health clubs, but now this isn’t the case. The sauna experience can…

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