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5 Health Resolutions for 2019

Even though it’s June, it’s not too late to make some resolutions for this year. Summer has just started, and we still have three more seasons until the beginning of the next year. It’s still enough to change certain things about ourselves that we don’t like, isn’t it? One of everyone’s main goals this year is to be healthier, but somehow, many people find it difficult to achieve this. That is why we came up with a list of 5 health resolutions that will make your body and mind healthier, which will eventually not only help you learn in a better way, but have a healthy body in general as well. Take a look:

Edit your diet

One of the most important things for being and staying healthy is paying attention to the things we eat. Healthy stomach equals a healthy body. That is why your main resolution should be to cut down on all the junk food that you’ve been eating. It’s not only bad for our body but for our mind as well. RMIT neuroscientist Dr. Amy Reichlt states that junk food can get us high, it grabs our attention and thus we’re left with less concentration, which is definitely something we don’t want. Make sure to have home-cooked meals at least 4 times a week (for starters). Go to the farmer’s market and get yourself fresh fruit and vegetables, and use them to cook something tasty and healthy.


Staying active is also one of the key factors in being healthy. If you happen to have some spare time during the week, the best thing would be for you to get a gym membership and visit it a couple of times per week. However, if you suffer from a lack of free time, you can always exercise at home. Get yourself good fitness equipment, browse online to find some workout tutorials and get your blood pumping. Another thing you could do is go out and jog, trekk or play a group sport. Staying active will make you less stressed and more relaxed, which is crucial in the process of learning.

Stay hydrated

Our body is made of almost 70% of water, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to drink water. On the contrary – each individual should drink circa 2 litres of water a day in order to cleanse the body of all the unnecessary toxins. Moreover, according to BBC, drinking enough water can improve exam grades. The research pointed out all the information on the importance of drinking water and the way it helps us academically. On another plus side, staying hydrated will help our skin keep its elasticity and stop toxins and fat from staying in our system.

Mind your relaxation

Relaxation is extremely important for our overall wellbeing. It can get rid of the daily stress and can help us become well-rested, which will definitely enhance our learning or any other activity we set our minds to. If you want to relax better, the best way would be to start having regular spa treatments – that means you can rely on Sol Spa in Eastern Suburbs, if you live in Sydney. You can always use services like signature de-stress therapy, or try something different like shirobhyanga – an Indian head massage. It’s also very important that you try to ease your mind on an everyday basis, so make sure to look in what will help you on the way to achieving peace of both mind and body.

Learn to say “no”

“No” is a very powerful word, and you should use it, kindly, whenever you feel like it. It will save you many nerve-wracking experiences that you simply don’t want to get involved in and save you time to do things you have to do for yourself. Selfish is not always bad, and this should definitely be your mantra.

To sum up, staying healthy mentally and physically should be your number one priority for the remainder of this year. Your academic scores will be even better, and your body will be forever thankful too.

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“Does Sauna Burn Calories?” And More Health Benefits A Far Infrared Sauna Can Offer

Does sauna burn calories? — the one in a million question that almost everyone who hears sauna for the first time asks. This is because, for most people, a sauna is becoming a fitness option apart from exercise and eating right.

Using saunas is associated with heat, and heat has been proven to do amazing things to the body. Saunas used to be exclusively available in gyms and health clubs, but now this isn’t the case. The sauna experience can now be brought home with both portable saunas and infrared saunas. While they are electric powered, they provide the same effect as traditional saunas. They also give you astonishing results.

If you plan on getting an infrared sauna and are looking to lose weight, you have to know the processes that will make it all possible. This information will be helpful for you to know before making a substantial investment in it.

  • Far infrared saunas heat the body directly at the right temperature.

Traditional dry saunas have a pre-set heat, as they are usually employed for mass use. If you are using an infrared sauna for the first time, you may notice a lower frequency of heat. This is because far infrared rays heat your body at less dangerous levels and at just enough heat to make you sweat.

  • Far infrared saunas increase your blood circulation.

With the ambient heating from the sauna, your circulation will also rise, opening the blood vessels and increasing blood flow. This helps alleviate joint and muscle pain stimulates the brain, and promotes ease in breathing, helping your body become more relaxed.

  • Far infrared saunas increase your metabolism and help burn calories.

Does sauna burn fat? Yes, because the increased blood flow speeds up your metabolism, helping the body lose weight.

As sweat is mainly made up of water, there is also a substantial decrease of water weight with your exposure to the infrared rays. Metabolism will also slim down your body, bringing down your calorie count. In 20 minutes alone, you will lose 600 calories, the equivalent of jogging and swimming for an hour.

  • Far infrared saunas flush harmful toxins from your body.

Heat from the sauna also helps open the pores in the skin. You then sweat as a reaction to the heat, and this sweat brings along with it toxins that are trapped in your skin. Once these toxins are gone, your skin begins to glow, adding to the relaxed sensation of your body.

Making Sure of the Right Heat

Infrared saunas are special because they just need an ambient type of heat to work their magic. That is why to find the best type of sauna that will help you burn calories, you have to make sure your sauna meets the following criteria:

  • Low to zero EMF

EMF, which is present in electrical appliances, can be dangerous to the body in high dosages. As an electric appliance, your sauna needs to be certified as having low or zero EMF emissions to be effective and safe.

  • Intertek-tested

Being the most trusted certification field for electric products including home saunas, Intertek’s seal can spell the difference for your home sauna. With Intertek’s certification, you will be able to have a hassle-free calorie burning session.

With your personal far infrared sauna, you can conveniently have your own sweat bath at home. Plus with its trouble-free delivery and assembly time, you won’t have an excuse to miss out on a health break. Avail of far infrared sauna now to see how do you burn calories in a sauna.