Mobile phone tracker app to track kid’s online activities: Review

Online activities of the children using their mobiles make them vulnerable to cyber predators. Moreover, they get involved in online dating, drug abuse, dangerous online trends, and last but not least obsession with social media. Therefore, parents worldwide are scared and struggling to make sure their safety on handset devices connected to the internet. Therefore, parents need to know what their kids and teens are doing on the surface of digital devices especially when their devices are connected to the internet. Therefore, we have come up with a mobile phone tracking app to protect them from online predators and prevent them from inappropriate activities.

What is mobile phone tracker software? 

It is the best cellphone tracking software for the prevention of kid’s dangerous activities on mobile devices. Users can use it on children’s devices after the completion of the installation process. Moreover, you can install it on the target device very easily and its easy navigation makes you use all the tools it is packed with. You can use its ultimate tools to track browsing activities, screenshots, calls, GPS location, keystrokes, social media, messages, and you can remote surveillance as well. In addition to that, you need to know how to get your hands on it and how to use its advanced tools on target mobile devices.


Mobile phone tracking software is compatible with android handsets and tablets and enables you to monitor the latest OS version of Android 10. It would be invisible on targeted devices and the target person would not have a clue.

How to use mobile phone surveillance software?

When you have made your mind do surveillance on teen’s online activities then you should get access to the webpage of TheOneSpy mobile spy. Once you have access to the webpage then you need to subscribe for it and get password and ID via an email. In addition to that, get physical access on the target device and end up with the process of installation. Now use the credentials and get access to the online control panel. Get your hands on the tools given below that helps you out to track teens’ online activities.

Use best mobile phone tracker Features 

Browsing activities

You can discover browsing activities of teens using the web portal and you can see what sort of websites they have visited alongside the bookmarked webpages.

GPS location tracker

You can use the dashboard and further get the current and exact location of teens using GPS location tracker.

Keystrokes logging

You can get to know all the keystrokes applied to teens’ cellphone likewise, messages, messages, email, and password keystrokes.

Social messaging apps logs

You can monitor the logs of instant messengers running on the target mobile. You can see messages, chat, audio-video chat logs, and voice messages.

Text messages

You can read text messages sent or received on the target mobile and get to know about MMS and SMS activities.


TheOneSpy mobile phone tracking app is the best tool for parents to know the online activities of teens on digital devices. 

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