How to Design a Beautiful Logo by DesignEvo

We all know that excellent logos can add charm and make a blog a professional. There are many other ways you can get a good logo, such as hiring a professional designer or renting one of the sites like Fiverr, etc.

There are many logo manufacturers there, and we decided to consider one of Designevo’s most famous logos.

Pearl Mountain owns DesignEvo. DesignEvo is their venture that helps people make amazing logos for companies, brands, websites, blogs, and software, etc. Whatever your requirements, DesignEvo can be useful.

What makes DesignEvo special?

They have a free layout.

Yes, you heard that right, DesignEvo has a free product. With this program, you can make a low-resolution logo, but it is suitable for many people, especially webmasters and bloggers.

They have over 4000 patterns.

They have over 4000 patterns to offer. This means that you have a wide list of templates to choose from.

An abundance of icons and hundreds of fonts

They have millions of icons and fonts. Which will undoubtedly help you make the perfect logo?

Emblems are fully customizable

The emblems are fully customizable, which means there is no limit to your creativity.

Great customer support

When choosing a service, customer support is very important. As usual, their customer support is fast, useful and free.

These are the main characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd.

Now let’s discuss how to make a logo with DesignEvo.

Ease of use

Their logo design is quite simple and easy to use. Anyone can easily get started. You can use them over 10000 templates or if you have other ideas in mind, you can start from scratch and make your own design.

As I mentioned earlier, you can make logos on their website quickly. For starters, you can go to their website and there you can start making your logo by clicking on the “make a free logo” tab.

Click on a logo to start making a logo.

When you click on start earning a logo, the Maker logo will open the application where you make your logos.

Logo DesignEvo Maker app.

When the manufacturer’s logo appears, the application works, it will look like the image above. You can see that they offer ready-made templates for you to get started easily. There are 10000+ templates in many categories to choose from.

You can search for relevant categories until you find the logo that you like. If you do not like templates, and if you want to make your own design, you can always use the zero-start, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen, to start earning your logo from scratch.

And having made your logo, you can use the available icons, texts and forms provided by DesignEvo.


They have three pricing options. The first is free, which, as the name indicates, is free. Free logos with restrictions such as low-resolution logos and logos are not transparent or. But free logos are still useful for many people, and low-resolution logos are very useful for websites and blogs.

The next plan is simple, which costs $ 24.99 in this regard; you can take advantage of high-resolution logos (resolution 5000x5000px). At the same time, you can also download logos with a transparent background, lifelong support and these logos are ready for printing.

The third plan is called Plus and offers all the features available with the main plan. However, you can get a copyright for the logos you created.

All paid plans come with lifetime support. This means that the logos are saved in your account, and if you want to edit or change your logos later, you can do this by going to the “My logo” section.


A good logo is an important thing for any business. Whether it’s a company or brand or website/blog, a good looking logo is a must. Getting a good logo can be expensive, a professional designer will cost you at least $ 300 for a simple logo. For a complicated logo, they will charge up to $ 500.

Another option is through the creators of the online logo, but they take much more and most of them do not allow you to edit or change your logos later.

In comparison, DesignEvo offers a more affordable logo design. Their most expensive plan costs only $ 24.99. Which supports life and you can change your logos anytime later. They give you the flexibility to design your logo as you wish.

DesignEvo is one of the cheapest online logo makers among other developers and they also provide additional templates and badges. We recommend them if you do not mind designing your own logo with DesignEvo. It is simple, easy to use and comes with excellent customer support along with great prices.

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