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Best Wedding Gifts For Girls

Every girl more often than not wishes for a fairytale wedding. This is one of the most important days of her life when she is the center of the event and is the prettiest vision in the party. So as her friend, guest, or invitee, you must also select the most appropriate wedding gift that will wish her the best for her future and at the same time will make her feel unique to you.

This is the best time when you can tell her just how special she is to you as a friend, sister, or just someone you know. Giftcart brings you an array of some of the best personalized wedding gifts that will be a great way to say all the best for the future.

Fashion – Women loves fashion, and no matter what the occasion is, they would like to get such gifts for the time. Wedding day is no different. Hence if you are going for the event and are an invitee from the bride’s side, then you can always go for fashionable costume heavy jewelry or pure stone studded classic jewelry. Fashion accessories can also be some of the wedding gifts in India.

Fragrance – Fragrance is yet again another item of wedding gift India that will always be loved by any bride. You can select from many fragrances for your woman, and you can avail some of the best fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Calamari, and Gucci.

Flowers As Wedding Gifts India – Flowers though simple is some of the best gift items that can make the bride feel all the more happy on this occasion. If you are unable to zero down on some of the best-personalized wedding gifts, then it is time that you settle for some of the freshest and most beautiful blooms available in the market.

Home Décor – Marriage is an occasion when two people come together and build a house of their own. Hence this is the perfect occasion when you can gift items that can be used in the new house. Here you can select from an array of home decode items such as beautiful bed sheets and stunning cushion covers. You can also go for love house decorating and wall decorative things. You can also select from an extensive collection of lampshades and other home decor elements.

Romantic Gifts – Weddings are an occasion that creates several memories which are to be cherished for the rest of life. So this is the best time when you can give personalized romantic gifts items. This could be a photo plaque or a frame, a beautiful message on a crystal and even personalized lamp shades that will have the images of the bride and the groom.

Feel free to choose and buy from several items available at Giftcart. This is also a great place that can make online deliveries at any part of the country and that too just on time. So now make the bride feel all the more unique and loved with Giftcart.


Should You Make Space for a Wedding Planner in Your Budget?

In today’s world, the cost of a traditional wedding has gotten so high; one might believe that the claim of the word “budget” doesn’t imply. Of course, you’d be wrong. Whether you’re spending $4,000 (far below average) or you’re spending $40,000 (the average cost of a wedding today, where average translates to a lot of people spending more), you still require a budget.

A budget isn’t essentially an attempt to spend stingily. Budget is about making a plan for where you will spend the money from the designated amount, regardless of the amount. All of us hope to be among the fortunate few who can afford to spare no expense when planning the wedding of their dreams. Most people simply can’t afford or just would rather not to vacant their savings and run up their credit for their wedding expenditures. Weddings have this slightly creepy habit of being rapidly followed by even more luxurious things to spend your hard-earned fortune on, more permanent things, like buying a house and having a baby. Complicated still is the fact that many brides (the conventional planners of weddings) are getting married a bit later stages of their lives, when they are well cherished in a career and don’t have their weekdays free for sampling cake and interviewing wedding vendors.

Wedding Planners Cost or Save-Find Out Here

Professional wedding planners have to be salaried, so in that way, they clearly cost you something. However, an argument in this regard made both by professional planners and by brides that are content with their wedding planners, is that having top wedding planners NJ can save you money in other areas. A qualified wedding planner is equipped to take on several weddings every year. This encourages them to have constant relationships with certain wedding vendors, and it persuades those vendors to cut the prices for wedding planners so that they will continue to use their services at all of the weddings they get contracted for.

Not that this has an impact on your budget, but it also encourages wedding vendors to keep wedding planners satisfied with the service the vendor provides. As an individual employer, you are not likely to have an encounter with these vendors again after you are done with your wedding, at least not for a good long while. A wedding planner, conversely, will communicate with these vendors repeatedly; they are commonly a repeat customer for each other.

Obviously, vendors will consider a repeat customer more valuable than customers that are one-time. They will portray this value with financial breaks and exclusive service. More often than usual, they may convey it by giving a wedding planner exclusive services like service on a particular date or that includes a hard-to-find item. These are usually taken away from an individual bride.

Finding a wedding planner with a great reputation, both local vendors and brides in the past, can get you the best of both worlds: A professional planner who can feasibly get you top-notch vendors and negotiate influential bargains. Even having employed a tremendous wedding planner, you should still do your own research and communicate with your planner about the strict wedding budget. If the planner can’t control costs effectively, you always must offer cost-cutting ideas.


5 Fun Facts About Indian Weddings

You probably are rapture over the intricately beautiful designs of Indian wedding cards, but what if we tell you some more fun facts about Indian weddings. These facts are interesting enough to blow your mind. So are you all set up to read out 5 fun facts about Indian weddings? Here it goes:

  • The essential inclusion of Lord Ganesha’s motif or image

Ever wondered why Indian wedding cards the motifs or images or religious verses of Lord Ganesha? Well as per Hindu mythology, he is believed to be blessed by his father Lord Shiva that before any auspicious occasion, people will offer your prayers first and foremost. Hence following the beliefs, Indian wedding invite has a picture of Lord Ganesha as a token of prayer offerings for a happy married life.

  • Watch out for the bride’s mehndi colors, Mr. Groom

It is believed that the darker the color of the bride’s mehndi, the more her husband falls for her. Another belief is that if the color of the bride’s mehndi outshines her fiancé’s mehndi color, she will be loved more by her in-laws. Interesting, isn’t it? The color of mehndi is the determinant whether the bride is loved or not. But these are some ancient beliefs which still hold significance in Indian weddings. But do you know the real reason behind applying henna on bride’s hands and legs? Henna features some medicinal properties that can calm the nerves down. So the real reason is to prevent the bride from getting cold feet, a smart move isn’t it?

  • The science behind the engagement finger

An engagement ring is worn in left hand’s fourth finger. This finger is popularly called as the ring finger too. Ever wondered, why it is entitled to something so special? Well, the answer is that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart. Early Romans address this nerve as “vena amoris” which means the “vein of love”. A heartfelt connection sealed with a ring in the finger directly leading by heart, WOW…!!

  • A big No to lending wedding dress

Are you too planning to plan a budget wedding while lending the beautiful wedding dress from a store or from your friend? Don’t. The real reason this practice is discouraged in India is that it is associated with bringing good luck to the new bride and lending it to other or from other can bring the bad omen. So just drop the idea of lending it to or from anyone. While you are about to embark on this new journey together, you don’t want to start it with a “bad omen”.

  • A grand bathing session before the wedding

As interesting as Indian wedding cards, the wedding ceremony also consists of some interesting functions. One of them is “Mangal Snanam” which literally means “good luck Bath”. As per the Hindu rituals, the couple needs to take a bath early morning during sunrise on the day of their wedding. This bath is believed to purify them for this auspicious ceremony. Bathing is followed by several religious practices before getting ready. So if your wedding is around the corner and you’re not just the morning person, we recommend changing it ASAP.