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What You Can Do to Sleep Faster at Night

Many people have sleep disorders and sleep deprivation, but there are helpful remedies. Plus, they do not have to be over the counter medications. This is because, through changing some everyday behaviors, you can address most shut-eye difficulties. This will help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and get restorative sleep. So, what can you be doing during the day that can help you sleep better at night? Below are some ideas you can start to implement now for sounder sleep. 

Opt for sleep-friendly foods 

Feasting on sleep-friendly foods is better than having meals that will keep you alert or disrupt your sleep at night. For instance, try some tart cherry juice because it contains a decent amount of melatonin that will help you get more shut-eye. Bananas are great as a sleep aid as they contain magnesium. Importantly, keep off from eating fatty or spicy foods. This will cause sleep disruption as they later in the middle of the night have a reflux issue. Because of this, you will not be able to get into a deeper stage of sleep.Β 

Have the right bedroom essentials  

Investing in the right bedroom essentials are a sure way of getting a night of restful sleep. For instance, a quality sleep number mattress, pillows, and sheets, other essentials that you may need are a white noise machine, block out curtains, a diffuser to smell some aromatherapy. Some of these essentials are useful to show a relaxation response, and they will also contribute to you getting better sleep. Thus, it is best to research what comes in handy in your bedroom. Plus, invest in these essentials to improve the type of sleep you get. 

Listen to the ocean 

According to science, ocean sounds are proof to help you fall asleep. Also, white noise is as helpful if you live in a noisy city or with a snoring partner. Listening to the fan moving is another sound, with the others’ help with keeping out the outside noise. Therefore, if you prefer sleeping in dead silence or cannot bear too much noise, you will need to have some noise frequency to drown out your ability to listen to outside noise that keeps you up. Try playing sounds of the ocean on your smartphone or turn on the fan to reduce the chances of hearing the disturbances at night. 

Maintain a consistent wake time 

A consistent sleep routine can be a challenge when you consider weekend benders with friends and late nights at work. Nonetheless, your wake time is the most important for restorative sleep. So set your alarm for the same time every day, including weekends and holidays. In this way, you keep your circadian rhythm regulated even when you experience sleep deprivation. Thus, implement this behavior instead of sleeping in when you do not sleep well the previous night. Another thing to avoid is getting in bed earlier after going through sleep deprivation. Since your sleep cycle has not started yet, you will not fall asleep as fast as you expect.Β 

Be smart with alcoholic intake

Using alcohol to sleep, as most people do, is not a smart idea. Although it makes you feel sleepy, it stops you from getting restorative sleep. Therefore, it is vital to be smart with your alcohol intake, especially when you are socially drinking. Whereby every alcoholic beverage you take, you follow through with a glass of water. The water is beneficial in two ways. It keeps you from drinking too much and keeps you hydrated. Plus, avoid drinking a few hours to lights out as your body needs at least an hour to digest.


Hydration is key. More so, if you wake up feeling dehydrated every time. This is vital since when you are asleep, you breathe out one liter of water. So, when you head on to sleep. have a habit of keeping a full glass of water on your bedside to hydrate first thing you are up. Importantly, stay hydrated during the day. One way to stay hydrated during the day is to skip on the many cups of coffee and energy drinks you take during the day and drink more water.Β 

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