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It’s a Quaran-THING! 5 Productive Ways to Spend Your Home Quarantine Days

The majority of the world’s population have been staying home since early this year. These past few months, people have been adapting to the ‘new normal’ through social and physical distancing, wearing face masks mostly when going out, washing hands more than they usually do, and working or studying from the four corners of their home. 

But, some people also find themselves bored, stressed, and have nothing to do while on home quarantine. If you’re one of them, let’s congratulate you for you’ve landed on the right pages. 

By taking a few more scrolls, you’ll find out these various creative ways that you can do or follow to make your quarantine days more productive than ever. So, if you’re currently lounging in your couch or laying in your comfy bed, then this could be the perfect time to go through this article. 

What we want you to do is to search no further and start reading right now! 

  1. Learn new things through browsing the internet.

If you ever find yourself lazy and lying in your bed almost the entire day or just scrolling up and down on your phone screen, then we have this brilliant idea for you. Why not take advantage of your free time, as well as your internet connection to learn new things online? 

You might also notice some of your friends or random people you see on your newsfeed who have been making themselves busy while staying home. So, why not browse the internet and find something new to learn? How about learning how to cook? Or bake? Build DIY storage? DIY room makeover? And so on? 

Well, these are merely some of the best suggestions we think you would like. Who knows, you’ll find a new passion. 

  1. Get physically and mentally fit by exercising regularly.

Are you one of those people who have been promising themselves to get physically active? But unfortunately, you’ve been too busy with lots of work and stuff? 

Well, this home quarantine season could be the best time to commit to daily exercise, which will give a positive impact to both your mind and body. Don’t worry because even if gym centres and fitness studios aren’t available for the meantime, you can still catch up with regular physical exercise while staying home. 

For an effective home exercise, you may seek help by reading this one, Stay Home, Stay Healthy: 6 Exercises to Do During Lockdown.

  1. Look for home-based or part-time jobs.

Unfortunately, this coronavirus pandemic has been affecting the lives of many since day 1. And one of its negative impacts on the global community is the sudden layoffs of many companies. While some may have lost their job temporarily, some have been unemployed permanently. 

Find a silver lining in this dire situation by trying to look for a home-based or part-time job. In that way, you can still make the quarantine season productive, as well as to give yourself a chance to start over again.   

  1. Work at home by kickstarting a small business.

Let’s say you’ve already done the previous tip. Then the next thing you can do while waiting for the calls concerning your job applications is to get your hands something to do. 

How? Why not take this time to kickstart a small business? Think about something that interests you the most or anything that you can work on while at home. You can go for selling homemade pastries, DIY accessories, do some freelance writing, private tutoring, anything that you could offer to your potential customers or clients. 

  1. Get your hand dirty by decluttering your stuff and giving your home a satisfying makeover.

The last thing we have for you on this list is to get your hands dirty. Not that you have more time to stay home, you may now start decluttering your stuff and give your home extra care and a satisfying makeover.

Give your place a good deep-cleaning and decluttering to get rid of the dirt, bacteria, and even viruses that might be in your home for ages. 

The bottom line:

This year might not let you enjoy the outside world, but give you ample time to reflect and appreciate what and who you have in your life instead. Now that you know these simple ways, to make your quarantine days extra productive, don’t think twice to give them a shot. And later on, let us know your experience by commenting your stories below. 

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