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Inhale Your Medicines Effortlessly Using a Handheld Portable Nebulizer!

Due to the packed schedule of individuals these days they find it difficult to spare some time and visit the doctor’s clinic every time they need to inhale a medicine. A nebulizer  is a device launched in the market that turns water based solution into mist particles that are quite small to be inhaled and reach the lungs directly. Various methods such as airblast atomisation aur high frequency vibrations are used to generate mist. The nebulizer is primarily used with the drug that enhances the expansion of lung passage and is recommended for individuals who cannot use specific breathing such as children or elderly. These individuals usually suffer from low frequent airflow issues or low volume of breathing and hence required to use a nebulizer to clear the passage. Furthermore, people suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD)  mandatorily require nebulizers to breed. 

Taking into consideration the numerous  respiratory illnesses faced by individuals, handheld portable nebulizers have been launched in the market which has now become a primary delivery source of medication. Like the regular nebulizer, handheld portable nebulizer converts the anti-inflammatory medicines into vapour form so that it  can reach the lungs of the patient easily. 

What are the prominent features that make a Nebulizer different from an inhaler? 

One of the most essential underrated features of a handheld Nebulizer is that it  is compact and can be carried anytime anywhere in your purse or bag. Portable Nebulizer lightweight and does not cause difficulty  while carrying in your bag, offering instant relief to the patient. Moreover,  it is essentially beneficial for individuals whose job involves a lot of travelling as they can carry their nebulizer conveniently in their travel bags.

Furthermore, the consistency in forming the particle size plays a major role and the nebulizer can efficiently deliver consistent particles, maximizing the medication delivery to the lungs within a few minutes. In addition, Unlike other inhaling devices,  portable handheld nebulizers do not make any noise and are ideal for use at night for little children or using in the office.Therefore, it is beneficial to choose a Nebulizer to produce the lowest sound possible so that the nebulization can be done comfortable without disturbing anyone. 

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