4 Things To Know Before Taking The Maharaja Express Train

A new experience for first timers to luxury travel on one of the World’s Best Luxury Train in India – Maharajas Express Train. But, this can get hectic and confusing at times so it is good to first know about sojourning on the best luxury train in India. Here are some Important Things To Know Before Taking The Maharaja Express Train to get a basic idea on India Travel luxury.

Disembark at Places

A week long train travel in luxury makes you imagine you are alone gazing at the outside on the trip. However, you must know that you will get good exercise by walking while you disembark at various points and travel by road in A/C Coach with kits, water bottles, other necessities and a tour guide. You will have to do some amount of walking and exercise as many historical sites also have many steps to climb.

Do not expect sitting in the train throughout the week.  While you are out sightseeing some of the top historical sites to visit in India the train will be running empty so you do not get back to the same station you left.

Inside the Train

Moreover, the train chugs along at a very slow pace making a very old traditional railway track noise. There is TV with satellite channels and DVD players but if you do not have to hear the chugging train noise then keep your earplugs in/on. This helps you to concentrate as you are reading a book/ gazing out of the window. The big windows offer panoramic views of the landscape. Do not expect to capture your whole journey on video or click a particular place you planned while traveling just because it is en-route on a map. As mentioned earlier, the train moves even when travelers are not inside.

There are several cabins to select from to suit your privacy requirements. But there are many common recreational areas such as dining cars, bar & sitting lounge, souvenir shop where you meet up with fellow passengers on-board. There is lot of chit chatter that happens during such times.

So, though you get a private cabin you are not traveling all alone and with others. This also means even though you are onboard not sightseeing, the dressing must be appropriate to the dining cars. For off-board excursions, at times special shoe soles are given for walks on tough terrain and hats to protect you from sun. So wear comfortable light clothing and footwear avoiding high heels, etc.

Other Facilities

A doctor will accompany the guests throughout the journey free Wi-Fi internet but speed is not guaranteed as train moves along in remote regions and sometimes at fast speed. There are also special meals for passengers with special dietary requirements such as gluten-free, food allergies etc. However, make sure to inform your carriage attendant or inform concerned staff.

Fees and Tips

Enjoy the travel with fare starting from $800 per day per head to $2,500 per day per head on Maharaja Express. Some off-board excursions have an option; Example passenger may choose either a spa at a hotel or a beach side evening. Some places charge extra for photography, video, and other activities not included in the package. You can check Maharajas Express Train Cost for 5 different route.

Each luxury travel tour is ended with a warm goodbye from staff of the Indian luxury train. A container for guests to tip service staff if they feel hospitality was great. No individual tips so the expectations are bit a more than hundred like minimum $200 so it is equally shared to everybody. Trip on luxury trains in India are a great way to explore India without having to compromise on comfort check out Departure Dates for Maharajas Express Train Today.

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