6 Reasons to Travel for Holi Celebration in India

Nowadays, everyone in the world knows about the Holi festival. Holi is the festivals of colors and it is a sign of Indian culture and traditions. Holi is the most famous Hindu festival and it now it is celebrated in most of the countries.

This year Holi festival in India 2019 is on 20th March to 21st March so, if you are considering a thrilling trip you should definitely book a trip for Holi celebration in India. Now let us tell you about the Holi festival celebration in India that will make you fall in love with this vibrant, energetic, and multicolored festival of love in India.

What is Holi festival

Holi is the festival of love in India which was firstly started in Northern India. The festival is also famous as the name of ‘Color Festival in India’ because throwing natural colored powder on each other is one of the most famous ways of Holi celebration in India. Holi festival is a sign of victory of good over evil and it welcomes the spring season in India.

Holi is the festival of Hindu origin and they celebrated this festival to express Lord Krishna’s love with Radha. Holi festival is celebrated across the whole country and now it has become the most celebrated festival across the whole world.

Why You Should Consider to Travel for Holi Celebration in India

  • See The amazing Holi Celebration All Across India

Holi is not celebrated among just one city of India it is celebrated across the whole country. The most amazing part of this festival is that each city celebrates this festival in their own ways so, you can get a chance to drench in those different types of Holi celebration as well. Following are the best places to see these different types of Holi celebrations in India:

  • Mathura and Vrindavan celebrate this festival for multi days in their own traditional way so, if you want to enjoy this multi days festival in India then Mathura and Vrindavan is the place to go.
  • Delhi is also one of the best places to celebrate Holi festival. Delhi celebrates Holi in a very energetic way with dancing on music, eating lots of delicious sweets and throwing colors on each other.
  • Goa’s Holi parties are world famous so, you can also chill there.
  •  Experience Indian Culture and Traditions in a Unique Way

If you will visit India during Holi festival you will get to know about Indian culture and traditions. You will get to celebrate Holi with many local peoples and know about their different traditions. Experience the lively celebrations of Holi festival in India and be a part of the day with laughter and colors.

  •  Fall in Love with Special Holi Foods and Desserts

No festivals are completed in India without special foods and desserts. Holi is also one of those festivals and it is totally incomplete without having some delicious. Dahi Wada and Papri Chat are some of the special foods prepared at the Holi festival in every house. You can also enjoy Gujiyas, Puran Poli (Types of Indian Sweets), Thandai (prepared with sweet milk, dry fruits, and spices).

  •  Drench in The Natural Colors of Holi

When you’ll visit India during Holi festival you will see that every person, from kids to adults will be drenched in colors and stocked with packets of different colored powder. You too can join this vibrant celebration by getting some colored powder, water balloons, and water guns filled with colored water.

Remember that Holi colors are not that easy to remove after so before you join the celebration, put some coconut oil, lotions, sunscreen to keep your skin safe.

  •  Indulge in Fun of Holi Celebration in India

As you know the entire country celebrate this festival by throwing colored powder on each other so, nothing could be more fun than this festival. You can also be a part of this festival with your friends and enjoy dancing, celebrating and eating.

  •  Create New Memories with Your Loved Ones

Visiting India during Holi festival with your loved ones could be a great experience for you both. Celebrating this colorful festival with your partner will be a great time you have ever spend together. Express your love towards your partner by drenching Holi colors and enjoy the dance & Music the best Holi celebration in India.

So these were some reasons to know that way you should travel for Holi celebration in India. If you have any queries regarding this article then you can tell us by commenting in the comment section below.

If you are visiting India during Holi festival then you should follow these tips to avoid any unhealthy experience and to enjoy this colorful festival at it’s fullest:

  • If you are a female solo traveler and visiting India during Holi festival then you should be careful and need to go with those peoples with whom you will be comfortable
  • Don’t wear shorts and too expensive clothes
  • Don’t be a part of any color celebration alone
  • Always follow your guide and do not get over-friendy with strangers
  • Do not drink anything offered by strangers it can be a kind of alcoholic drinks

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