Why You Should Take a Boating Safety Course Before Buying

Have you ever dreamt about sailing around your town on a boat?

Before you hop on deck, you want to make sure you’re safe before you sail out. Boat safety takes time to learn and without it, you’ll become the man overboard and you’ll have to hope your lifejacket keeps you safe!

So what’s the best way to ensure boat safety? You should consider taking a boating safety course.

Here are the advantages of a boater safety course:

You’ll Learn the Etiquette

You’ll learn the rules of navigating rivers, seas, oceans, and even a canal when you take a boating safety course. You’ll learn how to keep yourself and others safe while sailing on the boat.

You’ll also learn how to communicate with other sailors if either of you is in need. A boating safety course will show you how to help others out in case of an emergency.

With a boating safety course, you’ll also learn how to prevent boating accidents and how to handle harsher waters.

It Might Be Required

In some states, you might be required to take a boating safety course before you can buy a boat. You might have to acquire a boating license to sail and this will also require a boating safety course.

Make sure you check the local laws in your state on whether this is a requirement. You want to check how long you’ll have to take your boating safety course before you qualify.

Even if it’s not required in your state you want to consider taking a boating safety course nonetheless. As health and safety regulations are trumping freedom, your state might require a license in the future.

If you don’t take a boating safety course now, you might have to take one later even if you’ve amassed years of boating experience!

You Can Get Boat Insurance

If you wish to buy boat insurance you might have to take a boating safety course to qualify. Even if you don’t, you might get a discount on your boat insurance if you take the course.

Boat insurance is crucial for covering any expenses that you’ll have if your boat gets damaged. If your boat gets into an accident and it’s your fault then you’ll have to expect huge expenses and even a potential lawsuit.

Boat insurance can help you get through this and so you want to ensure you take a boating safety course to get the insurance.

You can read more about when to buy a boat to save on your insurance as well.

Take a Boating Safety Course

Now you know the advantages of a boating safety course and why you should take one before you buy a boat.

The first advantage is that it helps you learn the etiquette of boating and boating culture. You’ll also learn how to protect yourself and others in the case of an accident.

You might also have to take a boater safety course to obtain a boating license. It also helps you get boating insurance and save money on the insurance.

You can find more boating tips on our blog.

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