Luxury Cruise in India: All You Need to Know about Mumbai-Goa Cruise

Goa is a dream destination for Indians as well as foreign tourists. Endowed with gorgeous beaches, a laidback lifestyle, vibrant nightlife, unique culture, and mouth-watering food, Goa has something for both young and old. Known to be the beach capital of India, several tourists flock to Goa all year around. While this holiday destination is a favorite of many, not much thought is given about how one would want to reach the place. Several prefer to opt for a road trip, especially from Mumbai, as the road is in good condition and the view beautiful. On the other hand, those who want to have a faster journey, prefer flights and those looking for cheaper options, go for train or buses. However, if you want to experience a bit different, the Mumbai to Goa luxury cruise is something that you should try.

Mumbai Goa Luxury Cruise: Introduction

The luxury cruise ship that runs between Mumbai and Goa is named Angria, after Kanhoji Angre, the first Maratha navy Admiral. The cruise was started in 2018 and runs four times every week. Built in Japan, the ship has seven decks and is 131 mm long. The ship has the capacity to hold around 400 passengers and 70 crew members at a time.

Duration of the Cruise

This is one of the most important things that people want to know while taking a cruise. If you plan to take a cruise, it would take 16 hours to reach Goa from Mumbai, and the cruise is an overnight one. The cruise leaves from Mumbai’s Princess Dock at 4 in the evening and reaches Goa at 9 in the morning. The departure time from Goa is also the same. The timing is such that you would be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset and glorious sunrise while onboard.

Facilities and Amenities

When you decide to go on a cruise, you would want to enjoy the best facilities and amenities, and the cruise would not disappoint you. The cruise has 104 rooms including premium rooms, luxury rooms, dormitory, Japanese pods, etc. You can choose a room as per your preference and budget. While all the rooms are comfortable, the other amenities of the cruise would make sure that you would never get bored during the overnight journey.

You would find two restaurants serving Konkani, Chinese and Indian food on the ship. One of the restaurants also turns into a 24-hour coffee shop. Apart from this, there are 6 bars, an infinity pool, and a disco hall. If you are someone who likes to enjoy peace and quiet, you can retire to the reading room and spend time reading a book. There is also a spa where you can indulge in some basic massage therapies. Β Moreover, there is also a curio shop and a picture gallery for the passengers. All in all, there are many things for you to do onboard during your journey from Mumbai to Goa or vice versa.

Cost of Tickets

As the cruise from Mumbai to Goa is all about luxury, it is surely not inexpensive. The cost would vary as per the room you book. A dorm room would cost somewhere around Rs. 4300, per person, while a double room would cost you around Rs. 7650, per person. However, this is only the cost of your rooms. The meals would include Rs. 2000 extra and would include high tea, dinner and breakfast.

Important Things to Know

Although going on a cruise from Mumbai to Goa and back takes the most time than any of the other modes of transportation, it surely has a thrill. Nevertheless, before you book your tickets, you need to know a few important things.

  • You can book the Angriya cruise tickets through their official website or from a reliable travel agent.
  • The cruise welcomes people of disabilities. However, there are no special facilities for them onboard right now. So, it would prove difficult for them.
  • Women who are more than 6 months pregnant are not allowed on the cruise for safety reasons
  • If you have a child less than one-year-old, it would be best to not cruise with him or her at present.
  • Another thing to remember is that you cannot take your pets along with you on the cruise.
  • The maximum luggage you carry onboard is 25 kg. You have to check in your luggage, just like you do at the airport. You can carry one cabin luggage of 10 kg, which you can access whenever you like to.
  • There is no Wi-Fi on the cruise, so you would have to rely on your mobile data if you want to access the internet.
  • You would not find a medical professional or doctor in the ship’s crew, although all of them are trained at first aid. Passengers should carry their own medicines for emergencies.
  • Smoking is allowed only at certain designated areas for the same. Kindly check with the crew before you light a cigarette onboard.

If you are looking forward to a relaxed and luxurious holiday in Goa, the Mumbai to Goa cruise is surely the best way to start your vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Book your cruise tickets today!

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