4 Unmissable Things to Do in Dubai 

A trip to Dubai is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. It’s a city unlike any other, with its rich history, scorching temperatures, modern architecture, endless beaches, and extreme wealth. Its vitality is what makes it so unique. In Dubai, you’ll find nothing boring –everything is exciting, from the tall buildings to the exciting attractions.

Walking through Dubai will give you enough experience as you see genuine Arab and Islamic culture and wealth like most have never seen before. However, if you’re going to Dubai, you should try to see the best attractions. Don’t worry – you don’t have to cram the whole city into a week. As long as you schedule these four unmissable things into your trip, you’ll make the most of your time there.

1: Climb the Burj Khalifa

You can find the tallest building in the world in downtown Dubai. Standing at 828 meters, the Burj Khalifa is like no other building you’ll ever see; it’s tall, extravagant, and beautiful all in one. Looking at it isn’t enough, though – to truly experience this incredible architectural feat, you’ll need to climb it. While the very top of the Burj Khalifa is not open to the general public, you can still enjoy the views from its two observation decks. One stands at 452 meters high, while the other stands at 555 meters – the highest observation deck in the world! It will undoubtedly take your breath away, and you can’t miss it.

2: Take in the Dubai Fountain

Just a short walk from the Burj Khalifa, you’ll find one of Dubai’s most amazing spectacles: the Dubai Fountain. This fountain isn’t like any other – it’s choreographed and shoots 500 feet high, which is higher than any other choreographed fountain in the world! The best way to experience this show is by boat, but you can also walk along the boardwalk to watch it.

3: Shop at the Dubai Mall

You cannot go to Dubia – the city known for its shopping – without spending a little time at the mall! The Dubai Mall has everything. The view of it is enough to blow you away before you’ve even spent any money!

You’ll find plenty to keep you entertained inside this enormous mall, including the Souk Al Bahar marketplace, Fashion Avenue, and even an aquarium! You can shop, eat, and watch sharks without even leaving the place. While this mall isn’t the largest in the world, it does come in second, ensuring you’ll never be bored while wandering through.

4: Have Fun at the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Another record that Dubai breaks has the world’s largest waterpark! You won’t find a waterpark as big as the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, which has everything you could ever want for a fun-packed day. Like any waterpark, it has the typical, thrilling slides and rides to enjoy. This being Dubai, that’s not all – you can also enjoy the waterpark’s private beach, the surf ride waver, beach watersports, and even swimming with sharks. The waterpark also has many dining options so that you can rest with some delicious food in between the excitement. 

If you fit these four exciting activities into your Dubai trip, you will surely head home with once-in-a-lifetime memories.

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