Top 4 Places to Visit In Florida

Arranging your vacation to the States yet don’t have the foggiest idea where to go? At that point here are 4 astounding spots to visit in Florida for that ideal escape! 

Seashores or urban areas? 

Watersports or amusement parks? 

It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re searching for an activity pressed experience or to kick back and unwind on the seashore for a long time, Florida truly has something for everybody – the hardest thing is choosing where to go. 

I’ve been to Florida a couple of times throughout the years and my new most loved spot is west Florida. You can visit in Florida through Delta Airlines. 

What other place would you be able to swim with manatees? Paddleboard with dolphins? Stroll on one of the most lovely seashores on the planet? 

West Florida has everything and the sky’s the limit from there. 

Watch my Florida video blog on ‘Experiences in Florida’ beneath! 

I as of late went on an excursion of the west bank of Florida visiting Tampa, St Petersburg, St Pete Beach, Pasco County, and Crystal River, and it was such a stunning outing. 

An Adventurous World Trailer 

Along these lines, in case you’re arranging your vacation to America however, don’t have the foggiest idea where to go here are 4 astounding spots to visit in Florida for that ideal escape. 

The following are some speedy connect to assist you with exploring my Florida travel manage. On the off chance that there’s a specific spot that takes your extravagant, simply click the connections beneath! 

  1. Precious stone River 
  2. Pasco County 
  3. St Petersburg 
  4. Tampa Bay 

Probably the best thing about traveling to Tampa from London is it’s immediate. Whoopee to no changes! 

I flew with BA for around £480 return, however, different transporters are American Airlines, Finnair and Iberia. 

The trip to Tampa takes roughly 10 hours and nine hours in transit back with a decent tailwind. 

4 spots to visit in Florida 

Tampa air terminal is genuinely little for a worldwide US air terminal. 

Customs can take a tad of time, so ensure you factor in around 45 minutes extra in case you’re orchestrating a taxi pickup or a contract vehicle. 

I employed a vehicle with Hertz and with their excessively quick line hop and get, it wasn’t some time before I was out and about driving up to Crystal River and the seashores. 

Precious stone RIVER 

What to do there? 

Gem River is an extremely delightful recognize that is well worth visiting on any outing to Florida. 

Gem River is only an hour and a half drive north of Tampa and it is so dazzling. I could’ve handily gone through seven days here alone. 

As the name recommends, the water at Crystal River is the clearest I’ve at any point seen – any individual who’s been to Clear Water Creek will hear what I’m saying. 

Precious stone River is well known for watersports, so on the off chance that you’re into your kayaking or paddleboarding, at that point, this is the spot for you. 

In any case, it’s additionally renowned for another water action – swimming with manatees. 

Swimming with manatees 

The fundamental fascination in Crystal River is swimming with manatees (you can discover visits with Plantation Adventure Center here). 

What I didn’t understand about swimming with manatees is you’re *almost* ensured to see them. 

During the colder months, there can be up to 600 manatees in the region so you should simply drift there and they’re surrounding you. 

In any case, in any event, when I visited in a calmer period, there were still around 20/30 manatees. That implies you have a generally excellent possibility of seeing them paying little mind to when you visit. 

I went through the early daytime swimming with a mother and her calf for a decent 45 minutes. What a minute I’ll treasure until the end of time. It was astounding seeing manatees in their regular natural surroundings. There’s a motivation behind why this is such a basin list action. 


What to do there? 

Pasco County is a spot many individuals would pass by when going through west Florida, yet I truly enjoyed it here. 

Pasco County is a genuine America. It is far from the amusement parks and the large urban areas, yet it is a genuine portrayal of what Florida’s truly similar to. 

Likewise, on the off chance that you’re into undertakings all through the water, at that point, they don’t come superior to in Pasco County.

Speedboat visit at Port Richey 

One of my preferred exercises to do while in Pasco County was going on a speedboat visit with Gill Dawg Adventures. 

Situated in Port Richey, I went on a visit investigating the conduits around the zone. 

The primary portion of the visit was cruising gradually along the stream peering into individuals’ nurseries (one had the best life-size model dinosaur I have ever observed) and finding out about the historical backdrop of Port Richey. 

The second 50% of the visit was very extraordinary, however. When we made it out into the inlet all speed limitations were lifted and we could go as quickly as we needed. 

I have no clue how rapidly we were going, however, when you’re in an open pontoon with your bums so near the water, it feels like a million miles 60 minutes. 

Unquestionably one of my features while in Florida. 


What is the plan? 

St Petersburg (or St Pete as it’s additionally known) is one of the most bright urban areas in Florida. 

Only a short 30-minute roll over the extension from Tampa, there is an amazing add up to do in St Pete. 

St Pete Beach 

In St Pete Beach, they have perhaps the best seashores in the States that extends on to the extent the eye can see. 

Actually, right from St Pete Beach to Treasure Island is one of the grandest stretches of coasts I’ve at any point gone over. 

Road workmanship visit 

For St Pete itself, it is about the shading. 

Regardless of where you look in St Pete, you’ll see immense wall paintings and road craftsmanship. It is unquestionably one of the most brilliant urban areas I’ve at any point run over. 

There are more than 100 wall paintings in downtown St Pete alone, and many others dabbed around the city. 

My preferred activity here snatches your camera and go on a road workmanship visit around downtown. 

It’s extremely simple advancing from wall painting to painting, and getting lost is all a piece of the good times. 

On the other hand, going on a real road craftsmanship visit is a great method for finding out about the historical backdrop of St Pete and the story behind every wall painting. One organization to go with is the St Pete Mural Tour – does precisely what it says! 

Biplane Ride, St Pete 

Regardless of where I am far and wide, I love a biplane ride, yet flying over the seashores of St Petersburg was especially uncommon. 

We were open to question for around 40 minutes and flew over Fort de Soto, St Pete Beach, and Treasure Island – three of the most well-known seashores in St Pete. 

Being not yet decided truly gives you a viewpoint on to what extent these seashores are – they stretch the extent that the eye can see, a point of view you just can’t ever jump on the ground. 

I can’t prescribe this visit with Biplane Rides enough and it is effectively probably the best experience in Florida. 


What to do in there? 

Tampa is a clamoring city that is got such a lot of vitality. 

Notwithstanding feeling like a major city, just 300,000 individuals live there and it is extremely simple to get around and explore. 

Tampa Riverwalk 

Something I adored about Tampa is that you are so near the water. 

That is truly featured by the Tampa Riverwalk, the longest ceaseless riverwalk in the States. 

Dabbed all over Tampa are bicycles you can procure for the day which cost only a couple of dollars for every hour, and there are such a significant number of spots to visit en route. 

On the off chance that you have two or three days in Tampa, at that point procuring a bicycle and cycling the riverwalk in such a simple and fun open-air experience in Florida. 

Tampa Waterbikes 

Another movement I’d truly suggest while in Tampa is going out on waterbikes. 

Somewhere around the marina in Tampa, you can contract waterbikes – these actual bicycles you can ride on the water. How cool is that!? 

What I cherished about the waterbikes is there’s nothing to them – you simply jump on, hawk and gradually move toward the path you need. They’re as simple as that. 

Additionally, watch out for dolphins! On our visit, we saw two dolphins and two stingrays all in around 10 minutes. If you want to travel on this place, book tickets and the visit by Allegiant Airlines Booking site.  

These water bicycles are such a one of a kind method for seeing a city and it won’t be long they begin springing up all over. For the present, however, you will need to get yourself over to Tampa!

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