4 Tips for the travel vlogger in you


Vlogging is a twist to blogging wherein, instead of writing about something, you talk about it. This method of putting out content is such a hit because people consume videos more than written blogs. Whether you plan to make it a profession or are just eager to share your travel experiences, here are a few simple travel vlogging tips that can help improve your vlog.

Determine the highlight of your vlog

Whether you aim to monetize on your vlog or not, you would want people to watch it, right? When you travel, you will encounter many things and it will be impractical to talk about them all. So, think about what you want to talk about first. Maybe you can create a video that features the best restaurants in that area, recreational spots, or unique traditions or events.

But if you want to make your vlog interesting, feature places or events that don’t often get features in vlogs. There’s no point vlogging about a restaurant that most travelers have already featured in their videos or written blogs.

Talk loud and clear

If you are using your phone or a regular videocam, there’s a possibility that the noise around you will get picked up, so you need to speak loud enough to be heard. If you want to seriously make yourself heard, nothing else, then invest in a good microphone designed for outdoor use. If it’s really impossible to talk loudly where you are, just record the video and add a voiceover later.

Refine and enhance your video

After your travel and you think you’ve covered everything you need for your vlog, it’s time to sit down and refine it. You can use an online video editor to trim it down and cut out any parts that may not be necessary. For longer non-voice clips that you think are essential to your vlog, turn it into a time-lapse video to shorten it enough to include in your video project.

Most importantly, add background music. You are allowed to stick to one song all throughout the video but you can use several to match the vibe or feel of each scene or segment.

Research before you travel

It’s important that you have essential knowledge about the place you are traveling to. Learn their culture and traditions to make sure you are not doing something that may offend them. If you need to record people or places, ask permission first. And most importantly, be nice to the locales.

Make your travel vlog count

Your travel vlog should be as unique as you. Get inspiration from other vloggers but make your videos your own. There are many other tips there and it won’t hurt to consider them and give them a try. Who knows? They may work to your favor. Best travel vlogging tip of all: Have fun!

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