Tips for Planning Your First Mountain Hut Tour in Swiss Alps

One of the most beautiful and adventurous destinations to visit is swizz alps. Unlike other mountain ranges that take you to the remote areas lacking essential amenities, mountain hut tour in Swizz alps comprise of all the necessities. Switzerland is the country glistering glaciers, towering peaks, and mountains, there is no surprise that many backpackers come here seeking adventure activities. From north to south where ever you go there is a mountain hut tour that will blow your mind. However, if you are a newbie, here are some tips you should consider before planning your first mountain hut tour:


  • Why huts?

The Swizz alps are stretched from western to eastern Europe. The western alps cover the major part of Switzerland as compared to the eastern Alps. For making it easier for the visitors to explore this superb alpine mountain range, there are many mountains huts. The mountain huts have to make it convenient as we don’t have to go down to the valley to sleep at night and also you can experience the overnight stay on the mountain range. The huts can be different according to the different luxury standards. Normally all mountain huts offer dormitory accommodation to its visitors with a breakfast and evening meal. Common area for a stay will obviously make your stay extra special as in the evening all the visitors can sit and get to know each other culture, religion and adventurous experiences.

  • Pack light and travel in comfort

Do not stuff your backpack so much that you will not be able to carry it while hiking towards the mountain hut. The mountain hut will contain all the essential amenities you will require on a stay. Clothing, personal medication, toiletries or any other necessary item is appropriate to pack while going on a mountain hut tour. Along with this, you can carry your towel and soap to have a bath as most of the huts comprise hot showers. The huts are fully equipped and maintained properly. The staff warm welcomes their guests and will provide you excellent and satisfactory services. You don’t have to carry your own slippers there will be house slippers available in the hut. Therefore, you don’t have to pack everything just pack a few personal stuff and travel comfortably.


  • Advance planning


After deciding what to pack and what not to, the next question arises is you want an independent or organized trip. Advance planning is the key for having a successful trip. There are bountiful of mountain hut tour packages available online that are well-organized tour provides you all the amenities and guidance you require while on a trip in Swizz Alps. If you consider a fully organized trip you don’t have to worry about the hut bookings, tour planning, map reading, and etc. Β Many companies organized the tours keeping in mind the necessities and comfort of the visitors. However, if you decide to do it yourself then you have to hunt for hotel and hut booking in advance.


  • What to expect

Walking routes in Switzerland are signposted but not everywhere. You have come prepared with a compass and map and able to use them both if you lost the path. You must also come fully packed for the changes in weather. Carrying an ice axe can be a great idea if you are going there in June and July. Be prepared as you have to walk on steep mountains covered with little ice patches and fixed equipment like ladders and chains. Pack and prepare yourself for the difficulties and hurdle that is going to come across your way while on a mountain hut tour.

  • Hut tips and etiquette

Every hut has its own rules and regulations that you must follow. For your first trip keep some basic tips in mind to avoid any mistake:

– Keep your shoes out in the shoes rack and wear house slippers inside the hut.

– Save hut’s phone number in your phone so that you can call them in case of emergency so that they can notify rescue services.

– Β Do listen to the hut keepers instructions and follow them properly, those rules are made for your own good.

– Be quiet, clean, and respectful of others.

– It is polite to do rearranging and packing your backpack outside the dorm.

– Fold your blankets before leaving the dorm.

– Do not take the ski and climbing gear to the dorm, keep them outside on the rack.


  • Getting there


The Swizz Alps are easily reachable from all around the world. There are plenty of international flights available and the airport is next to the mountains. Once you will land at the airport you will come across many public transports. From most of the airports in Europe, you will have direct train and buses to the mountains. Rental cars are also available from the airports, the roads and views are amazing which makes driving in the mountains so much fun. You can find various public transportation that can take you further away without a car.


  • About gear

The most important thing to consider while going on an adventurous trip is gear. When you are in the Swiss Alps you will go for hikes. Typically hikes have a tradition of eating at mountain huts, so to enjoy and explore their experiences you must be fully equipped with the required gear to avoid any serious emergencies. Β All you need to carry is a map, compass, ice axe and a good pair of hiking shoes.


Searching and planning the trip appropriately will help you a lot if you are a rookie backpacker. Most important go in June or September to avoid the crowd. Do your search properly so that you can have the best time on Mountain Hut Tour in Swiss Alps. Lastly, enjoy your trip because you are going to experience one of the best adventures and scenery in the world.

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