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Why choose Laser Treatment for Sun Spots?

Sun spots are flat, often round, dark marks usually located in the areas of the skin that are frequently exposed to sunlight or any type of ultraviolet rays such as tanning beds and salon. This spots can also be a cause of old age since they appear most commonly in people ages 50 years old and above, through younger people can possibly have them too. This is the reason why they are sometimes called age spots or liver spots due to its colors and textures.

These skin lesions are generally harmless and removing it is oftentimes not really necessity. But for people who feel uneasy and not comfortable having these sun spots in their skin, or for some cases where in removing the spot is medically needed, the best solution that is available currently is the use of laser sun spot treatment to fade or totally eliminate it from the skin.

Types of Sun Spot Treatment

With the advancement in technology, people now can choose from different types of skin treatment to get rid of their sun spots and select the type of procedure that are more favorable for them. The most common types of procedures are Cryotherapy, Chemical Peels, Laser Resurfacing and the Intense Pulse light Therapy or (IPL).

For others who do not want to go through these kinds of treatments, oral medications and topical prescriptions are also available. You can even try different home remedies to speed up the process of eliminating sun spot from your skin such as applying essential oils, using lemons or apple cider vinegar and many more.

The benefits of Laser Sun Spot Treatment

Among the available ways to remove the spot from the skin, the use of Laser Sun Spot treatment is the most popular option for many. It is not surprising since using lasers offers many different benefits for the patients.

1. It visually enhances the general appearance of the skin.
2. It penetrates deep from the surface to remove all the particles and to avoid the chance of re-occurrence.
3. It targets the area precisely without affecting the nearby cells of the skin.
4. It is very safe and delivers almost instantaneous results.
5. It does not require much time for recovery.
6. It is not as painful as the other surgical alternative.
7. It works almost every time.
8. It is not as expensive anymore as it was before.

What to Expect from the Laser Treatment

  • You might experience minimal side effects such as redness, swelling, itch, a slight skin discoloration, inflammation which are all common and should eventually disappear after a few hours or days.
  • You are required to protect the treated area from the sun and avoid UV ray exposure during the healing process. That is why it is advisable to take the treatment during winter or cooler seasons to avoid the extensive heat from the sun.
  • Avoiding alcohol and smoking for a few days is needed and you should also refrain from using make-ups, creams and body lotions with strong chemical ingredients to avoid irritation.
  • Discuss the price with your dermatologist before the treatment. Oftentimes medical insurance do not cover these kinds of procedure so to avoid surprises, do not hesitate to ask about the price and how many sessions should you expect before you can achieve the best possible result.

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