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Raw Cashews: Everything You Need to Know

We all love cashew nuts don’t we? Widely popular around the world given its different uses and variety, they are nutritious, healthy and not to mention quite tasty. Cashews or the Cashew nut was firstly found in Brazil some centuries ago back in 1500s. Their origins lie in Africa but today they are widely grown in the entirety of the continent and also India, Vietnam, Australia and other countries. A cashew grows out of the bottom of it’s apple therefore, the real size of the cashew is nearly 4 times smaller than the actual apple. Cashew’s shell is poisonous and not suited to eat or taste which is why people in the paste ate the apple of the cashew and threw the main nut away. Cashews are basically the seed of this apple

So the question arises what are Raw Cashews? In simple words they are not actually different. As a matter of fact they are the normal cashews that we eat in our households and use in our desserts. The idea is that Cashews are to be made ready from their apple and the toxic seed that comes with it, the nut is extracted from the seed by roasting beyond the nut within the seed first afterwhich it can be removed by something as simple as a human hand. These cashews ready to eat are regarded as Raw Cashews. These cashews are also roasted a second time to pure the substance

Why are these Cashews to so great?

Cashews are great! They are a high carbohydrate nut which makes it taste very sweet, making it delicious. They’re rich, crunchy and provide a lovely creamy feeling. Other than that they are very healthy with low sugar, more protein, healthy fat that does not dwell negatives impacts on your heart and it also helps boost your memory and immune system. Cashews are also full of nutrients with carbs, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, copper, fiber, Vitamin K and B6. Raw Cashes are always in the best possible quality at Beyond the nut.

Benefits of Raw Cashews?

Prevents heart diseases:

Cashews are incredibly efficient in preventing heart diseases because of various factors. Firstly it contains an oil that lowers a person’s cholesterol. Research suggests that it also lowers stress and vascular activities. The nutrients present such as protein, fibber, copper and vitamins make your heart safe against possible diseases.

Prevents Cancer:

It has been proved in the past that one of the great benefits of cashews are that they can actually prevent cancer. Proanthocyanidins are oligomeric flavonoids that help in the reducing the of cardio vascular diseases and also prevent cancer. Nuts like Cashew provide something called anti inflammatory protection that prevent the formation of radicals that produce cancers or put you at risk. A research explained that Cashews could possibly increase the chances of survival by 46%. The patients that did took one or two servings full of cashews everyday showed positive signs which is great news considering that it provides evidence that Cashews would help deal with cancer.

Helps in weight loss:

When in conversation for health, cashews always enter the discussion as they provide multiple advantages. Losing weight could be a lot easier if you are a regular cashew eater. Research proves that dry fruits are not responsible for weight growth at all and given the nutrients present in cashews such as fiber, copper and fats help you speed up your metabolism preventing weight growth so since they are also heavy in nature, you can consume them while on a diet.

Provide you with Healthy and Shiny hair along Glowing skin:
The different nutrients in copper and Vitamin K present in cashews can help you obtain a glowing skin, not only that but one of its different uses is something called Cashew Oil. Cashew Oil is very beneficial for your hair and further enhances your melanin. It is used in different hair products and also enriches your hair colour.
Improves your overall health:

If living a healthy life is your aim then proper food consumption with the necessary proteins and nutrients is compulsory. Cashews don’t have a single but numerous advantages attached to them  which is why they’re so demanded and expensive when compared to other nuts and dry fruits. It protects your organs and improves them, prevents heart diseases, helps fight cancer also contain an element known as Zea Xanthin that improves our eyes and protects from the harmful rays of the sun. Not to mention that Cashews you lose weight, enhance your hair and add a shine.

These were one of the few many benefits of Cashews. Now let’s explore how can we use them in different ways? For one thing Cashews are used in a lot of dishes, especially within desserts they are very common and are used in many different recipes

Different ways to use and eat Cashews:

Blending them into Milk:

Milk combined with milk packs up a very healthy shake, forming a creamy, delicious and packed drink. Cashews are very versatile which is why they can be used anywhere. With Milk, the trick is extremely easy so anyone can make a Cashew Milk and experiment a few different ingredients of their own.

Works as a snack?:

Truly it is the best possible snack as it can be combined with anything. You can eat them raw without anything but just your morning or coffee or maybe you can pile them up on a sandwich with perhaps some peanut butter? Cashews also go with fruits, especially bananas adding different dimensions of taste.

Mix them up with fries?

Cashews can be crushed in used in sauces as they would offer a unique crunchy taste. You can also deep fry Cashews adding different spices to trickle the taste!

Cashew Chicken:

Perhaps the most popular dish is Cashew Chicken. It can be made in many different ways but the ideal method is to roast cashews and use them in different sauces. It can also be used as one of the main ingredients complimenting the chicken with onions, capsicums and different vegetables.

Cashews in Ice cream:

Extremely popular and very high in demand, Cashew is one of the most intrigued flavour in deserts and ice creams. Cashew butter and nuts, both are used in different ways to form. Combined with Maple Syrup and the end product is a creamy, delicious and tasty ice cream.

Combined with Soup:

Cashews are also very commonly used in soups if you are vegan or on a diet. The Cashews  are microwaved after which you blend them and add it to your soup. They are many different variations of making them.

Cashews come with many health benefits and are used in numerous recipes making it the ultimate and most advantageous nut.

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