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Tips For Repairing Electric Gates

Electric gates are a valuable addition to your garage or building. Not only they make a great impression, they primarily provide security, safety and undisturbed privacy. There are many types of electric gates to choose from as per your need — cantilever gate, swing gate, sliding gate, vertical pivot lift gate, bi-folding gate, and barrier arm gates. There are wooden electric gates to give you a rustic feel, or you may have an electric gate customized just for you to bring out the vibe of your house. You may want a professional consideration regarding what kind of gate to choose as these may be a bit on the expensive side. Bearing all the advantages, electric gates with time and use require maintenance to keep working properly.

6 tips for proper maintenance of your Electric Gates

When it comes to maintenance and repair it is advisable to call a professional service. Contact the company’s service department to troubleshoot the problem. But before you do you still may want to solve the problem yourself and save bills. Here are some tips for repairing electric gates. Firstly, Understand the parts of your electric gate. It can help you to troubleshoot any problem that you might face.

Lubrication – More than often an electric gate stops operating due to lack of lubrication on the sliding panels and other essential moving parts. Lubricating them one a week keeps your electric gates running smoothly. In case of iron gates make sure that they don’t get rust by cleaning it regularly.

Sensor – Often the dysfunction of the sensor can cause electric gates to stop opening, closing or stuck in the middle. Firstly, make sure that your sensor is placed in a proper position and not an odd and distant place. Secondly, check if any object is  obstructing the sensor to work properly. If yes, remove the obstruction gently.

Tightening – Tightening the attach points once every two months will ensure the smooth running of your electric gate. However, if you overlooked that part you may want to go ahead and tighten the bolts with a wrench and a ratchet.

Threshold – If you find electric gates pausing in the middle, or not opening smoothly, one reason can be an obstruction on the track or the threshold. In these cases, manually open and close the gate to check if something is unruly or causing hindrance. If yes, you should clean the track using a slim brush or a vacuum cleaner.

Transmitter – When you have done the above and the problem persists, you may have to move into an area of electrics and motors. Often in these times, we find the batteries are dead in which case you have to get new batteries. At other times the main power is off which disables the working of electric gates. Check the transmitter. If it’s light is on that means the power is running.

Motors – Electric gates thrive on either of the two kinds of motors — hydraulic or electromechanical. When you have made sure all the parts are running properly through the process of elimination, the dysfunction of the motors can be the cause of the problem. In swing gates and rolling gates, there will be problems if the motors are not working properly. Repair or replace the motor to resume functioning.


When it comes to electric gates the dysfunction is either electrical or mechanical. When you have figured out which, it becomes easier to solve the problem. If you want to do it yourself, you need an active knowledge of electrical workings and take safety precautions when the problem is both mechanical and electrical. You can find individual parts in the market like motor components, sensors, or simply software malfunctioning. If you are not an expert in software handling consults a professional. Since electric gates are known for trustworthy security, it is important to keep tending to it to reap the maximum benefits. And before you jump to call a professional repair service that burns your pocket, you might use the above tips to see if it even requires one.

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