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4 Effective Tips on How to Arrange a Storefront

The main trends in storefront dressing today are the geometry of shapes, the use of prints, and a vibrant backdrop. However, many companies are limited in their capabilities. For most stores, storefront dressing is one of those expensive items that are abandoned or at least reduced. On the other hand, there are a lot of companies that didn’t particularly pay attention to storefronts. For such companies, the crisis is the time to act and stand out against the general background of competitors. 

So there is work for designers and decorators but the budgets for storefront dressing are not quite large. Making storefronts bright, memorable, and attracting attention is a complicated task. This leads to cheaper materials because storefront dressers prefer to use cheaper materials, but more thoroughly work with them. In this article, we gathered four effective tips on how to arrange a storefront.

1. The storefront works in four shifts

With a competent approach to storefront dressing, it is necessary to determine a budget for decoration. You need to understand how many storefront dressing changes you will have in a year. If the budget is small, then don’t tear it into a thousand pieces. Decide on the amount that you want to spend on storefront dressing per year. Keep 40% off this budget for New Year decoration ( the most effective and expensive). The remaining amount should be allocated to the remaining shifts.

2. Don’t show everything

Most owners of shoe and handbag stores make the same mistake each time, trying to show as many goods as possible in their display case. However, this is not effective in terms of attracting customers. What is the point of showing that you have a great choice if it is already so obvious to everyone? 

A passerby doesn’t even think to stop and look at the storefronts completely filled with goods, . Exceptions, of course, can always be found. For example, if you sell very cheap shoes or bags. You can attract the attention of passers-by with something special:

  • Unusual decoration
  • Highlighting a product (fusing unusual lighting)
  • Calling for action posters (promotions, discounts, etc.)

3. Storefront is made for the target audience.

An important point in storefront dressing is the segment in which the outlet works. It is necessary to clearly present the portrait of your customer (man/woman, age, social status, income level, etc). There is always a group that buys more than others. That’ why the storefront should be done focusing on it. There will always be people who don’t understand or like the storefront. The main thing is that it is understandable and liked by the target audience.

However, one of the most important criteria for an effective storefront (that positively affects the growth in the flow of visitors to the store) is lighting. No matter how wonderful the design of the storefront may be, no one will pay attention to it if it is not competently filed by lighting. With the proliferation of LEDs, the cost of good lighting is no longer so critical for the company today, so the issue of high-quality lighting for a storefront can be solved for quite reasonable money.

4. Basic principles

Whatever the storefront and the outlet is located, it should be remembered that the basic principles (which are obvious) are not always implemented.

1. The storefront should be clean.

There shouldn’t be any inappropriate things in the storefront. Garbage, personal items, as well as detached decoration elements should be removed at the time of detection. Moreover, the glass should always be clean.

2. The storefront should have focal points 

Depending on the size of the storefront, it should have from one to three focal points. However, don’t overload the storefront with elements of equal visual significance.

3. Lighting in the storefront should be sufficient 

Spotlights should point the goods and decorations but not blind passersby. Broken bulbs should be replaced immediately. Good lighting is already half the battle in creating a great storefront.

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