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Composite Cladding Systems: Why should you opt for Cladding?

In the world of construction, cladding refers to adding an external material to your walls. It is an outer layer which is tacked on mostly to protect from the weather as well as to provide thermal insulation. Cladding does not just lend your home a glamorous appearance; it has a functional purpose as well. Cladding your home will offer you many significant advantages, and it should not be overlooked. From lending your home structure to making it more energy-efficient, let us take a look at the different benefits that cladding offers to you:

  • It provides your home with the ability to resist water from penetrating into the walls causing damp and other issues and helps improve the air tightness of the building.
  • Cladding your home will help you increase the overall value of your home, Composite cladding systems helps to make it happen.
  • Cladding also helps in improving thermal insulation and lends to a better acoustic performance of the home
  • By improving the thermal efficiency of your home, it helps in reducing the energy costs; thus, it allows your home to become more energy efficient.

What are the Benefits of Composite Cladding Systems?

Composite cladding systems are an improvement upon the traditional cladding. They are also known as sandwich panel and are engineered in factories. They are composed of an outer metal capsule which contains foam polyurethane in its core.

Composite Cladding Systems offers Significant Advantages, Such as The Following:

  • Quick Installation: Composite cladding systems are manufactured as a single unit. This allows the panels to be erected quickly at the construction site. Not only does this enable the work to go faster, but it also reduces labour costs, thus saving you a significant sum of money.
  • Ready to Use: Since these panels are manufactured as a single unit, there is no need to construct anything on the site. Hence there is no opportunity to mishandle the product or to make any alterations to the material which allows it to function as it should.
  • Reduce Energy Cost: Using composite panels can help your home become more energy-efficient. Compared to other materials, a building which uses a composite panel for cladding purpose uses less energy. The insulation power of composite panels is quite high, even with a low thickness. Thus, you can save more in terms of energy costs when you use a composite panel for your home.
  • Structural Help: This type of cladding system lends your home better structural integrity. They are able to protect your home from weather elements since they have a dual barrier. They not only have a water barrier but an air barrier, too, which makes them more durable.
  • Low Maintenance: The most significant advantage is that they do not require much maintenance to remain in good condition. So whether you are the owner  of a building or a tenant, you will be able to maintain the cladding with little maintenance and still have it perform well.
  • Refurbish Quickly: If you think that your panels are old and not working well, then you can remove them quickly. It does not take much time or effort to take these panels down, and they are just as easy to install. Hence you can refurbish them easily and quickly.


Composite cladding systems are a long term solution to our insulation and weather protection needs. When you hire a professional to install this system, you can get their expert advice on how often you should opt for maintenance, and how you can take care of your cladding to ensure it lasts for a longer duration.

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