Top 10 Camping Spots in Hocking Hills

Situated in the United States, southeastern Ohio, Hocking Hills is the central attraction for the nature lovers and hikers. The Hocking Hills cover over 25 miles including rock formations, waterfalls, recess caves, and hiking trails. 

Nothing beats relaxing camping trips on your leave of absence. Here are top 10 champing spots on Hocking Hills you should study:

1. Hocking Hills KOA

If you are looking for a family-friendly camping spot then this one is just the place you want. It’s a full hook-up site consisting of electric and water supplies. On the other hand, you are getting four camping cabins. It appears quite convincing with bath, kitchen, and air. 

Moreover, you will find church service, playground, heated pool, horseshoes, Wi-Fi, cable TV, laundry, propane sales, etc. Furthermore, it will be providing you a modern shower.

2. Hocking River RV Park 

Want a quiet place to hop in? Then Hocking River RV Park is the ideal choice for you. No smoking and drinking allowed outside the trailer. Interestingly, the bathhouse is quite a large one.  The site is provided with 30 AMP electric and fire rings. 

The site is pet friendly. You will find all the sites over the river also shelter houses with no grills. There is no table at the spot. 

3. Hocking Hills State Park Campground

A state park abundant with sites must be appealing right? This Hocking Hills State Park consists of 172 sites. Some of them are electronic, some of them are non-electronic.  Interestingly it comes with camping locations including canoe livery, riverside, and fun center.

The recreational activities offered by this site are quite appealing. You are getting here pool, naturalist programs, and camper cabins. Are you looking for a suitable one for the group camp? Then count this one in. Also, best option for pristine natural setting lovers.

4. Campbell Cave Camping

A small yet family-friendly campground, that offers you around 60 sites. The campsites are settled in tall pines overlooking mesmerizing Lake Logan. It shall provide you a quiet and peaceful family atmosphere.

 The recreational activates include hiking, fishing, boating, swimming. You are getting everything an amusing camp has to offer. Ideal for private, large, wooded, or any type of camping you desire! 

5. Spotted Horse Farm Camp

Who doesn’t want to spend the quiet night under the sky! The campgrounds here are wide and substantial enough for horse trailer or camper. You are also getting a cozy vibe from the campgrounds. Moreover, in every site you will get electricity and water for horses.

 Restroom and shower house are available. But what you need to keep in mind is that whether you booked a reservation or not. 

6. At Boulders Edge Tipi Retreat

You may be looking for a place that possesses tranquility as well as magic bringing peace of tipi camping. You will find here two standard Sioux Native American tipis. Around 6-8 people can sleep comfortably in each tipi. 

As background you are getting the mesmerizing woodland. There is no doubt that you can enjoy from here the wonderful wild-life of Hocking Hills. 

The woodland setting will give you the kind of vibe that nature should give!, just as it is, no artificiality or restless mechanism. 

7. Stacked Stones Retreat Campground 

Experience the full-package camping through a visit to Stacked Stones Retreat Campground. It almost offers everything you are looking for in a camping trip. This one offers you lodge rooms or aka camping cabins, electricity, and water. 

Moreover, you are getting Wi-Fi, outhouses, picnic tables (covered), shower house, and what not! It is mostly ideal for private camping.

8. Lakeview RV Park 

The Lakeview RV Park is situated 2 miles south to the business avenue 33. It offers you full hook-up sites available, almost like 70 sites. Here you are getting shelter house, swimming area, fire rings, boat lunch, playground, flush toilets, internet, Wi-Fi, shower, dump stations, and more. Furthermore, you can enjoy scuba dancing and bass fishing as gas, ice, firewood are available. Nature is at its best here! you can take some photos for memories and also you need if you do retouch those images then it will come extraordinary

9. Hocking Hills Campgrounds

The Hocking Hills Campgrounds give services in collaboration with the Hocking Hills Adventure and Fun center by supplying private camper cabins and pristine riverside camping. Moreover, you are getting surprisingly spacious sites. 

Around 6 to 7 people can sleep in each site.
Also, experience the authentic Ambush built camper cabins. At all events, 4 people can sleep in each cabin perfectly. 

This one is especially recommended to the people who lavish outdoor experience yet chose to sleep in bed at night. 

10. Hawks Landing Retreat Centre

Are you inquisitive about camping in a relaxing and peaceful site, then jump into the Haws Landing Retreat Centre. The place is essentially eco-friendly. What is most wonderful about this campsite is that it offers an elevated atmosphere that shall soothe your holidays

The tent spaces are quite primitive. You will suddenly find yourself retreating into a primitive world with 3 cabins. 

Perfect place for group camping. You can enjoy here fishing, hunting also stargazing at night. The cabin includes a picnic shelter and a fancy solar shower. 

Good news for book lovers! You will find a library to tug in. 

Things to keep in mind before camping in Hocking Hills: There are a few facts about which you must be well acknowledged.

  • First decide upon tenting RV or Cabin. Usually the state parks come with tent rentals and cabins. Hocking Hills on the other hand, shares tent sites.
  • Keep an eye on the offered extras of each campground. The extras are normally the river activities or horse riding. Choose best according to your taste.Β 
  • If you are a peace-loving one, then stay in a wellness campground. For example- Hawk’s Landing, it’s a relaxing and quiet place to stay in
  • If you love water, consider visiting the site Globo Surf. In fact, the admin passion is so strong, he have made it his mission to personally help as many people as possible to get the right gear in order to have the best day out in the water as possible.

Final thoughts: After a thorough study over the Top 10 Camping Spots in Hocking Hills, you must have made your decision about which place to choose. Always be aware of the services they offer, because one of them may not match your expectation. Happy camping!

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