How to have a FANTASTIC time in Tuscany with the little ones!

Italy is one of the best holiday options for family holidays. The food is simply fantastic, the Italian people are as happy, smiley, and friendly as they get, and it is only a short flight from all around Europe, and not only. In particular, though, Tuscany is an enchanting Italian region that has a little mix of, well, everything a family needs to enjoy and have fun. Here are 5 reasons why you should include a family vacation to Tuscany and why this could be one of the most amazing adventures you have had with the children! 

1. Captivating hill towns 

The natural landscape here is absolutely heart-stopping. Rolling hills and verdant lands spanning as far as the eye can see, nicely tucking picturesque villages and cities in them and infusing them with sheer majesty, invite you and the kids for pleasurable endeavours. 

You can visit some of the walled hill towns and admire the gorgeous views. Each city offers something different to family holidays. San Gimignano, for example, has amazing gelato and imposing towers. Cortona is excellent for family explorations of the scenic countryside and for culture (and art) lovers. The fortified medieval town of Monteriggioni, on the other hand, is worth visiting for the views of the surrounding vineyards, its medieval towers, ancient walls, narrow alleyways, and Romanesque churches. 

2. Sandy shores 

Among the regions that provide exceptional infrastructure with lots of things to keep both the little ones and grown-ups alike busy and entertained is Viareggio. This lovely city on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea is a populated beach with crystal clear waters and a sugary stretch of sand. However, do feel free to drive around the Tuscany region as there are so many marvellous beaches to have a great time with the family, in Livorno, Grosseto, and other areas. 

3. Delicious food 

Wherever you go, it is paramount that the children get tasty (and nutritious) food. Tuscany ticks all parents’ boxes in this respect, enticing taste buds with food that’s nothing less than breathtaking. Besides the mouth-watering pizza and pasta dishes that delight the palate, there are also flavoursome Mediterranean salads with tomato, basil, olive oil, and bread (see Panzanella), plates with seafood, cured meats, and cheeses (called Antipasti), and so many more. Part of the entire experience, though, is dining in itself in Tuscany, with restaurants being filled with families enjoying a meal, children playing happily until the late hours, wine keep flowing, and courses keep coming! 

4. Family-friendly attractions 

Kids get easily bored, so you need to ensure they are kept entertained for a long time. Heading to the treetop adventure park of Parco Avventura Il Gigante is a nice option, offering things like treetop paths for all ages and skills and zip lines. 

The Pinocchio Park theme park, based around the story of Pinocchio, is another superb place to visit with the children. Apart from the exciting Pinocchio museum, there are plenty of family-friendly rides, lots of places to get a snack or drink, and a charming butterfly house. 

The same applies to the Cavallino Matto water park with ample green space, plenty of shaded areas to relax, and, of course, rides, roller coasters, and water rides for little tots. Speaking of water parks, don’t forget to visit the Livorno Acqua Village Cecina and treat yourself and the children to an awesome Fun Island playground and many slides, pools, and acrobatic shows. 

5. Tuscany parks 

The Tuscany region is full of kid-friendly parks, with the best of them all being Pratolini Park in Vaglia, just a short drive from Florence. You will be greeted with large expanses of green (ideal for running around and burning energy and for family picnics), lakes, small play areas, perfectly manicured gardens, renaissance sculptures, a cafe, and some wild animals that you might spot as you wander the grounds. Other fantastic nature reserves and parks worth visiting are Parco Orechiella in Lucca and the Chianti Sculpture Park in Siena. 

Fun Activities for Parents!

Of course, family holidays in Tuscany are not all about pleasing the little ones. Adults can also have their share of fun with activities like wine tasting. Although slightly an oxymoron, children are welcome almost everywhere in Tuscany, including the child-friendly wineries, where they can enjoy a glass of organic grape juice (non-alcoholic, of course) as you pamper your palate with some of the best wines in the world! 

Where to stay in Tuscany

It depends on your specific requirements. There are plenty of absolutely amazing luxury farmhouses in the countryside offering unsurpassable views of the cascading hills and all the modern amenities required for exceptional family holidays. Or you could opt for an elegant hillside mansion or even an exclusive villa closer to a major city or the Tuscany seaside and savour soul-filling views and VIP comforts! 

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