Houston Solar: How Renewable Energy Creates a Sustainable Future

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Did you know that the city of Houston now runs almost completely on renewable energy? Although you may not think this is a popular idea in Texas, the city has saved millions of dollars and hopes to hit carbon neutral status by the year 2050.

Are you interested in Houston solar as a solution for your home or business? Here is some information about Houston solar installers. You can take advantage of a wonderful renewable energy source in Texas.

Transition From Oil to Renewables

Houston’s ambitious plan to transition to renewable energy means different plans for sectors of the economy. For instance, rather than requiring all residents to buy solar panels, they may focus on improving aspects like the public transportation system.

Individuals who can afford to buy solar energy systems can help contribute to the sustainable goal for clean energy in Houston.

Houston’s Primary Energy Sources

Houston already has an impressive renewable energy portfolio, with almost all of its energy coming from a combination of solar power and wind turbines. Most of the energy comes from wind farms, but there is also a solar grid that contributes to the city’s renewable energy sources.

Get a Federal Tax Rebate

Although the state of Texas currently does not have any solar rebates or incentives, you can still take advantage of the federal tax rebate for installing solar panels. As of 2020, you can claim 26 percent of the total cost of your new solar panel system for one year of your income tax return.

The expenses included in the total amount for the tax credit include the product itself, the cost of labor and inspections, energy storage like batteries, and any taxes on the items that you buy.

Consult a Solar Company

Once you decide that you want solar energy, then you should research solar companies in Houston. If you want to access reviews easily, you can simply do a search engine query for something like, “solar panels Houston TX” to get a list of companies nearby.

Make sure that your Houston solar installers can show you the best solution for your home. You may have different requirements based on your roof and your total budget for solar panels.

If you cannot afford the up-front cost of solar panel installation, your local solar company may be able to offer you a payment plan. Once you start saving money, your solar panel system will pay for itself in no time.

Consider Houston Solar Today

If you want to get solar panels for your home, you should not have to worry about getting them from solar companies in Houston. With this information, you can make a decision about Houston solar and move forward with Houston solar installers today.

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