5 Entertainment Gadgets You Should Own Before 2021 Ends

This 2021 is yet another year filled with new releases and surprising technologies for everyone to enjoy. Due to the current restrictions for health reasons, most of us needed to limit our travels to only essential trips. Thus, we need something to entertain us and make us happy despite the situation.

While we’re about to achieve herd immunity, everyone’s still at the edge of their seats due to the newly discovered COVID-19 sub-strains. It only takes one strong variant and complacency on our part for the virus to proliferate and take over again. 

We listed down this year’s gadget releases you might have missed, but you might need to last you through these home quarantines and possible lockdowns in the future.

A Foldable Phone

Samsung phones are out in the market and started to conquer the mobile population. On the other hand, Motorola is trying to win the rest of the world with the new Motorola Razr. Still, we found little videos of how they are used for work, communications, and gaming. 

These phones are truly a technological wonder as they come with incredible engineering and innovation. The foldable touchscreen panel allows it to be pocketable and, at the same time, has a wider screen estate than conventional phones. Although durability is still an issue and a great consideration when buying this device, phone manufacturers promised that these phones with foldable screens are tougher than ever. This is clear with all the tests by the manufacturing company and independent phone assessors.

Golf Simulators

Golf simulators are the best way to enjoy playing the game even if there is no proper course. Having to be inside the house most of the time, professional or starting players can use this device to further their skills and abilities in the sport. 

The Garmin R10 Approach golf simulator is a perfect choice for setting up an indoor golf facility because of its advanced features. You can virtually play in many golf courses, and it gives complete and accurate data for every shot. Not only can you enjoy it with your family, but it will also help you practice for your future games.

High-quality Speaker System

Enjoy next-level cinema with surround sound either for watching your favorite sci-fi movie or a chill sitcom. When you want a full and immersive cinematic experience, a high-quality speaker system is just the right addition to your entertainment space. These speakers can now have features that can locate and measure the distance from each other when put on different parts of the room. Thus, it can properly adjust its settings to produce the optimal sound within your area. 

VR Headset

VR headsets are a must-have when you are a fan or interested in virtual and augmented reality. When put on, this gadget can transport you to a new world. It allows you to “get in” your video game world, go to a museum, attend a concert, and even create your own virtual space. You can improve your entertainment and experience 3D content with this tool.

Portable Photo Printer

With this device, you can instantly eternalize your favorite photos that you took with your phone or other digital cameras. You can easily and wirelessly connect them with your phone and print a polaroid-like image in just seconds. You will not waste your time going to the shop to print your photos ever again.

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