Some Productive Ways to Age Gracefully and Perfectly

Since the beginning of 2020, the whole world is in tightening hold of the new threatening Coronavirus. Starting from the Chinese city Wuhan, It continued to head on to Europe, America, Asia Africa and all other parts of the world.  It is still pervading with the same intensity. 

We know that there is no cure, vaccine and proper treatment of this unusual disease. Until now it has affected millions and engulfed thousands of innocent lives. The studies have shown that it affects more adversely on the old or aged fellows. While the youth and children having stronger physical strength get recovered after battling this health harming enemy. 

This horrific virus has hunkered down the whole world. The constant chants of lockdowns, shutter downs, stay home, social distancing have become the inseparable part of this Corona special time. All the public and religious worldly sites are closed to prevent the prevalence of this viral infection. For the Muslim population likewise, the long term Saudi Holiest site is the saddening matter of concern. However, we pray that this virus may leave this planet Earth till summers and the fellow devoted community may have a splendid Umrah in December holidays

The Inevitable Health Maintenance of Aged ones

As it is stated that the Corona disease has a deadly or life-threatening effects on the “ Aged” or Old fellows, so it is more than important to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing. 

However regardless of Corona fear, It must be ensured that our elderly or aged fellows always stay in good health and are able to peacefully enjoy their later old years. The special old age health routine involves eating right, exercising, getting checkups and screenings.

Besides these, there are some other measures for my old or aged peers to consider for aging well and even prevent for the possible physical injuries in future. 

Productive Steps to follow to Age Well and safe

These steps definitely ensure much safer and longer life for our elderly fellows.

Change the In-House Settings

Be mindful that the stairs, distant baths and kitchen from the restrooms can create difficulties for your old grandpa grandma or any other older member.  So it is highly recommended to reconsider your room setting for their convenience. You must assign your older fellows the restrooms with attached baths and also nearer to the kitchen. So it will be easier for your old fellows to reach out to them without much walk. 

Maintain More Hygienic Measures

Due to the still going continuous Corona threats, it is inevitable to take more careful hygienic precautions in the personal routine and house. Ask your old fellows to take regular baths and keep their hands neat and clean. 

It is also important health safety measure to daily disinfect the doorknobs, locks and the outer surfaces of your old member’s room to protect them from any  probable Corona attacks. 

Get Enough Sleep

You know that sleep deficiency or sleeping disorder weaken your health and immune system. So it is very important for our senior or aging fellows to take a proper sleep in order to maintain their health and immunity against any disease or illness.

Maintain Positivity 

It is very important for the mental wellbeing in old age to stay active with positive attitude. The negativity or fear can have an adverse impact on the lives of our aging elderlies.  

It may sound usual but it is very significant step for the graceful aging 

 Provide them with all basic facilities 

It is matter of immense mental satisfaction to work for your ailing or old fellows.  You can please God by extending a selfless helping hand for them in the form of meal preparation, special transportation, house repairing, house cleaning  and helping them paying their bills. You can also hire someone to do these elderly caring tasks on your behalf if you can’t reach out to them.

Provide them with Special Housing Options

The older peers can consider the special housing options. They can go for the naturally occurring retirement communities (NORCs). Although these neighborhoods are not specifically for the older peers, but they are installed with plenty of coordinated care and support available for the senior citizens.

Be Prepared For Emergencies

God forbade, if your elderly member is alone and fells down, or have heart stroke or any other unexpected health emergency, to whom he/she will call?.

So it is highly recommended to hand over the emergency number to keep it on speed dial list of his/her mobile phone.  You can keep the number near their hand set for their ease.

May our Senior or Elderly fellas always enjoy their aging with utmost grace and health

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