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Know Different Types of Designer Sarees and How to Wear Them

Sarees give a fantastic look to Indian women. Indian weddings are incomplete without sarees. It is the only garment that is worn without stitching. The contemporary fashion designers have relentlessly applied their creative thoughts to enhance the Indian sarees. We have listed some of them below. The fabric is modified in some cases, and in other cases, the draping style changes.

Types of Designer Sarees

There are many types of designer sarees currently prevalent in the market. All you have to do is, shop in the best online shopping portal and make the right decision by analyzing which type of saree is the best for you based on your body type.

1.     Neck-Drape Style: The Neck-Drape style is very common among Indian women. Most of the women wear a neck-drape saree. The pallu is kept longer and is draped over the neck. Most traditional Bengali women wear this style of sarees during their religious ceremonies and also when they are taking blessings from their elderly family members.

2.     The Dhoti Style: The Dhoti saree has a fantastic twist to the traditional saree. The costume isn’t just a creation for the ramp, but it is a top choice for those who are fashion-conscious. The dhoti style gives you a combination of styles, a dhoti style and the sophistication of a saree. If you wear an undergarment such as a legging, it further enhances your style.

3.     Lehenga Sarees: The lehenga saree has a combination of two garments; saree and the lehenga. The saree is altered to suit as a lehenga. The bottom part is used as a readymade piece. Lehenga sarees are a fab option for glamorous occasions such as events, festivals, weddings, etc. If you wear a lehenga saree, you will get the elegance of a designer saree.

4.     Front Draped Style: This style is encouraged by the conventional way of saree wearing like the Gujarati. The pallu is draped from the back and ends point to the front. The whole embroidery work of the saree is clearly noticeable on the top of the saree, showing off your look in a gorgeous way.

5.     Mermaid Style: This style makes you look slimmer than you actually are. So, it is the perfect choice for any woman. Mermaid style saree is perfect for weddings, festivals, and even a birthday party. There are no folds on the waist, and the bottom part is normally flared. Pallu is draped crosswise and the mermaid saree is worn in a form-fitting (close to your body) manner.

These are some of the common types of designer sarees that you can find online. There are literally many more styles that would make you awestruck. Just visit the best shopping portal online and search for the best designer sarees that match your style. Now you are ready to make a style statement. There are some exclusive collections online and you can buy them right from your home’s comfort. Before purchasing, make sure that you are buying from the best shopping portal such as Hatkay as you will get value for the money you put in.

Happy shopping!

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