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4 Facts about How PEMF Promotes Recovery from Exercise and Injury

Are you an athlete and just got an injury? Or are you unable to resume your activities after the rigorous exercise?

In both cases, you have to compromise your weeks or even months of progress. Tension, stiffness, muscle tightness, and inflamed joints can slow down your performance. Your poor recovery system may affect you even more. So, you must train your body to respond better against such injuries or post-workout effects. 

PEMF is a therapy that will help you get out of such a situation quickly. In this article, we will discuss how PEMF improves recovery from exercises and injury.  

PEMF recover muscles and joints after workout

PEMF is a relaxing therapy for both joints and muscles. So, it can recover you from the post-workout muscle pain. 

A recent study tested the effects of PEMF therapy on people with chronic musculoskeletal soreness. The results indicated that such people feel improvement in muscle functioning after they receive PEMF therapy. 

Likewise, another study has found that PEMF therapy is also helpful for people with joint discomfort. It means you will have better joint mobility and less stiffness if you use PEMF devices regularly. 

Another study conducted in 2021 found that regular use of PEMF devices has the following effects on human health:

  • Better sleep efficiency and sleep quality
  • Improvement in cardiovascular health and performance
  • Better recovery from physical injuries

To sum up, PEMF stimulates the cells, leading to better performance of your body cell. 

PEMF heals the wounds

 Wound healing is a natural process. But this natural process gets slowed down in diabetic patients. Recovery from such wounds requires glycaemic control. If you don’t manage these wounds in time, they may develop into chronic ulcers. 

PEMF is a technique that will speed up the healing process of chronic ulcers. It reduces wound pain, accelerates wound closure, and promotes blood circulation. 

4 Facts about How PEMF Improves Recovery from Exercise and Injury

So, we know that PEMF is a great recovery technique for injury and post-exercise pain. But do you know how PEMF devices, such as pads and pillows do this? 

Well, here are 3 facts that indicate how PEMF improves recovery from exercise and injury

1.    Boost the energy level

The energy level of your body decreases by 20% when you do exercise. Moreover, this lower energy level leads to metabolic acidosis due to strong ion fluxes. 

However, you can recover your energy level by using PEMF therapy. PEMF therapy can boost the ATP synthesis mechanisms by improving mitochondrial functions. 

2.    PEMF improves circulation and microcirculation

PEMF therapy and PEMF devices increase circulation and micro-circulation to speed up the healing process. Here’s what circulation and microcirculation do to heal your injury

  • Increase oxygenation
  • Delivers nutrients
  • Improve the immune system
  • Enhance the cellular hydration
  • Remove wastes from the body cells

3.     Increase oxygenation 

Do you know low oxygen level is the primary cause of cell injury? The degree of tissue damage depends on two factors

  • How oxygen-deficient your body cells are?
  • For how long do your body cells stay deficient in oxygen?

But it’s not something that you can’t treat. You can go for PEMF therapy to regulate the amount of oxygen that your body cells receive. PEMF regulates the oxygen level in your body by

  • Transferring the oxygen from the air into blood and lungs
  • Improving the circulation
  • Improving the ability of hemoglobin to transfer oxygen to tissues

According to a recent study, PEMF therapy modifies the shape of hemoglobin to form a more reactive molecule. The more reactive hemoglobin means better oxygen transferring ability.

4.     Stimulation of stem cells   

Stem cells are the cells that can form new cells by differentiation. These cells can also repair the body cells and remove all the damaged tissues from the body. These cells are present in adipose tissues, bone marrow, and blood.

PEMF therapy boosts the functioning of the stem cells so that they can differentiate fast. Faster differentiation will help your damaged body cells heal fast.

But it does not mean you can use PEMF therapy only to heal an injury. But you can also use it to maintain your overall body health.   

Final thoughts…!!!

PEMF therapy is a magical treatment that can heal injury and after-effects of the workout. So, if you can’t continue your athletic activities due to post work out muscles pain, you can consider PEMF therapy. Get some amazing PEMF devices, such as pillows and pads, and use them regularly so that you can continue your athletic activities as soon as possible.

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