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Does Size Matter? A Look Into Implant Types

Women choose to undergo breast augmentation for different reasons. For example, after a pregnancy or breastfeeding, the breasts may become asymmetrical or begin to sag. Drastic loss of weight can also affect the shape and positioning of the breasts and motivate the person to change them through plastic surgery. Whichever the reason, women have multiple options when it comes to breast implants.

Factor to Consider when Selecting Size of the Implants

If you have decided to undergo this medical procedure, you should consider researching or consulting a surgeon to acquire adequate information about it. You should start by selecting your preferred breast implant types and then understand the factors to consider when choosing the implants. Silicone, saline gel, and gummy bear implants are the most common types. The determining factors for the size include;

Current Breast and Chest Size

Size matters in breast implants. Medical experts often indicate that the appropriate breast implant size depends on multiple elements, such as the breast size that the women’s body can support comfortably. Additionally, it depends on their chest’s width and the size of their current breasts. Women with broader shoulders can have larger implants because they will be proportional to their bodies.

Existing Breast Skin and Tissue

The condition of the skin and tissue around the breasts is also a significant consideration because the plastic surgeon uses them to cover the implants. This information suggests that people with lesser skin have to choose smaller implants while those with more skin can opt for larger breast implants.

Patient’s Body Type

Different aspects of the woman’s body also influence the breast implants they can get. They include breast circumference, hip-width, rib cage shape, and waist to hip proportion. An experienced plastic surgeon evaluates the existing frame, measures, and calculates all these aspects before recommending the implant size that will give the patient a safe, proportional, and natural look.

Patient’s Lifestyle

A patient planning to undergo breast augmentation should consider her lifestyle to determine the perfect implant size. For example, you should not opt for an enormous size if you exercise often, do vigorous activities, or plan to be pregnant in the near future. The size that you choose should be convenient for your lifestyle.

Desired Results

The look that you desire to achieve after the augmentation also determines the size of the implants. You should consider trying each size out before undergoing surgery to determine whether it will give you the appearance that you want or not.

Available Options for Breast Implant Sizes

You can find different sizes of breast implants. However, the most common ones range between 200 and 400 cubic centimeters (cc). Medical practitioners measure them in volume instead of length or width. The following are the comparisons that can give you an idea of the perfect size;

• 200 cc’s is like the size of a huge lemon

• 300cc’s is almost similar to a large orange

• 400cc’s is comparable to a grapefruit

The extra-large augmentations have a larger diameter and enormous projection. The regular ones have an almost similar width and profile. The following are the different types of implant sizes that breast augmentation patients can choose from;

Round vs. Teardrop implants

You can find breast implants of various sizes and types. They can either be round or shaped. According to experienced plastic surgeons, the shaped implants look like a teardrop and provide the breast a naturally inclined appearance. People who prefer this shape usually desire larger implants and have a broader chest and shoulders.

Round breast implants give women a natural breast appearance. Most women also prefer them because they offer a softer feel. Therefore, ensure that you select the perfect size with the assistance of the cosmetic surgeon’s experience and skills.

Moderate vs. High Implants

Patients should consider the breast implants’ profile when determining the implant size they want. This factor influences the breasts’ appearance after the augmentation. For example, if you select a moderate profile, your breasts might appear more petite and flatter in size. The medium profile implants also look smaller and more natural.

On the contrary, high-profile implants will give you a higher, larger, and more rounded appearance because they are more projected. They are an excellent choice for the women who prefer the dramatic and push-up look. The certified surgeon will advise you on the safest and most appropriate implant profile for your body.

Strategies for Choosing the Best Implant Size

Try the Breast Implants on before the Surgery

Many women are not aware that they can try on implants before undergoing the surgical procedure. During the consultation, ensure that you discuss the entire process with your surgeon. You should also know the available options, depending on your body, lifestyle, and other considerations.

After the plastic surgeon has helped you select the best option, you should try it on to attain insight into the final results. Additionally, dress accordingly to see how these implants will look in the clothes. Your friends or qualified doctors can give you honest opinions about different sizes and then allow you to decide.

Compare the “Before and After” Images

Another method that can help women select the best implant sizes during cosmetic surgery is to go through the photos of women who have undergone similar procedures in the past. The “before and after” images will give you an excellent idea of results that you should expect.

You can request the surgeon to provide you with their “brag books” or the pictures of their happy clients and allow you to evaluate them. The knowledge you gain will also help you determine whether the doctor is the right option for breast augmentation or not.


Overall, the size of the implants is a significant factor to consider during breast augmentation. The advantage is that clients have multiple types of implants to choose from. Understanding each type enables patients to make an informed decision.

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