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Personal Development In Sales Teams

If there is one thing that salespeople like to talk about is that it works according to the market situation.

Of course this is true and the last two years have come to show how sales are shaken depending on the political and economic scenario of the country.

But we also know that this may just be an excuse for poor performance, which usually has many other causes: unwillingness, lack of training, mismatched profile, etc.

This is where the personal development and work of a professional as a coach becomes important. How can your team perform more? How to get the most out of the professionals you choose to make up your team?

Start with training:

Training is not just about teaching how to sell or how to serve a customer. You can train your staff in behaviors that lead to well-being and increased productivity.

Since I started the coaching process I have had training on healthy and saboteur habits and on gratitude, for example.

Remember: You should not say β€œanything” that you think is important. You need to know the subject well, set a goal and based on that prepare an enriching moment for your team.

This is why it is worth considering having a professional to take care of personal development in your company. 

Change your team mindset:

If you see your employee as someone who goes to work every day from 8 am to 6 pm and at the end of the month you get a salary for that, the first thing you need to change your view of working models is yourself. 

It is critical that the leader is aligned with what he is proposing his team to do. It doesn’t fit that old story “do what I say, don’t do what I do”.

To do this, start by reading materials about the importance of the new teamwork style, talk to your salespeople, keep an open mind to receive suggestions for improvements to the work environment and always 

Invest in quality of life:

Many managers when they hear this imagine that they will make their gym, free food, free time and 6 months of vacation a year available to their employees.

Not that… but almost.

Investing in quality of life is not always directly linked to the financial factor, it can be much more emotional.

You know that your team is made up of people and that people have their needs, go through ups and downs, have dreams and personal problems. It is understanding one day or another that your employee needs to arrive later or leave earlier, or when they are not overflowing with joy.

Seek out the best for your salespeople:

What can you do to help your team reach their maximum sales potential?

This is a question you can ask each one individually and from there outline ways and strategies to help them reach those points that have been spoken.

Remember that your business is what your team makes it, so be sure to consider the importance of personal development as a way to increase productivity. Nowadays there are a number of personal development courses and personality development classes were available online from that you can gain more knowledge about personal development. 

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