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The Brief and Only Small Business Marketing Checklist You’ll Ever Need

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Are you struggling to market your small business? Whether you’re a long-time small business owner or a newbie, small business marketing can be confusing. The marketing world is ever-changing, and your strategy needs to keep up with the times.

Before you set your marketing in motion, though, it’s important to build a solid strategy. We’re here with a brief checklist to get you started. Read on to learn more.

A Strong SEO Plan

Whenever you’re creating a new marketing strategy, you need to consider SEO (search engine optimization). Search engine optimization is how you move your business’s website up the competitive ranks of Google. If you don’t do this, your competitors will out-perform you. 

As a small business owner, you may try to do this part on your own. While this is sometimes easy at first, as your business grows, you’ll want to look into a professional SEO company (such as this company) to help you out. 

You’ll want to focus on content marketing for the early stages of your business. This will make you a more reliable business and attract people to what you have to offer. 

Branding Your Business

Does your business have a well-defined brand? If not, you need to create one before moving forward. Your brand is everything when it comes to maintaining a profitable business.

Your brand makes your business recognizable. Consider successful businesses such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or Walmart. You can recognize them by their colors, slogans, and logos and you may even think of these companies when you see something remotely similar, even if it’s not part of their brand. 

This is because they’ve established a cohesive brand and brand awareness. 

Social Media Is Everything

Once you have your brand, it’s time to translate it to your social media platforms. In 2021, social media marketing is the best way to reach millennial and Generation Z customers.

If it’s appropriate for your business, consider investing in influencer marketing. Influencers tend to read as “more trustworthy” to their audiences. If you use an influencer who you know will authentically love and promote your product, you’re sure to have success. 

For your own platforms, make yourself accessible, personable, and visually appealing. Learn how to create attractive Instagram grids and start investing time into video marketing. 

In-Person Marketing: Yes or No? (Yes) 

If your business focuses on a local audience, don’t underestimate the importance of in-person marketing. The marketing industry focuses on digital marketing, but you can’t beat that person-to-person connection.

Invest in your community and try to get involved in local events. Event sponsorships are a great way to get your name out there. If your business offers food, drinks, or branded products, consider giving them away (one per person) at local festivals.

Small Business Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Small business marketing seems tough on the surface. Unless your business is very niche, you’re competing with dozens (if not hundreds) of other businesses that offer the same services or products that you. 

With this brief checklist, you’re sure to set yourself on the right track.

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