Have you ever heard of a place that can offer you modern buildings, World Heritage sites, wildlife, and heavenly beaches? You would easily say that it’s quite impossible to find those elements altogether. But you couldn’t be more wrong: that place is named Panama City.

The capital of Panama is indeed one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world: as a famous place of trade and immigration, Panama City embodies a fresh and dynamic atmosphere with an incredible variety of cultures.

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Panama Canal

It may seem obvious, but the Canal royally sits at the top of our must-do list: it’s one of the most significant achievement in human history, a 51-mile long artificial waterway that stretches from Panama City on the Atlantic Ocean to Colòn on the Pacific Ocean.

Only a 20-minute drive from Panama City, the Miraflores Visitor Center is the perfect place to live the atmosphere of the Canal first-hand: you can find an exhibition space, interactive displays, a movie theatre and many more features that will make your visit to the Canal an unforgettable moment.

Casco Viejo

Also known as Casco Antiguo or San Felipe, Casco Viejo is an historic district of Panama City. Completed and settled in 1673, this quarter has a completely different atmosphere compared to the rest of the city. Forget the chaotic hustle and bustle of the metropolis: Casco Viejo seems to lie in another dimension.

It’s a mix of restored Spanish colonial buildings that have been turned into hotels, private houses and restaurants. While roaming this historic neighborhood, you will be able to experience the city like a local: why not taste the champagne of coffees, pick up a Panama hat, or try a cup of ceviche, a typical Panamanian dish? Long story short, Casco Viejo is not only a significant area of the city, it encloses the spirit of Panama.  

El Tornillo

If you’re into modern art and architecture, our next attraction is just right up your alley. Located in the financial district of Calle 50, the F&F Tower, also known as El Tornillo, is the most remarkable skyscraper of Panama City. Standing 774 feet tall, El Tornillo is much more famous for its shape: a vortex of bricks that ends pointing at the sky. It’s an incredible piece of architectural excellence and a true innovation in Latin American architecture. In 2011, the F&F Tower was one of the winners of the Emporis Skyscraper Award.

Wild experiences

If you’re in Panama City on a family trip, there are many ways to make this experience unforgettable for your kids as well. Children usually tend to be quite wild, don’t they? So why not make them live an amazing experience into the wild? The Soberania National Park could be the thing for you. Located 15.5 miles (25 km) from Panama City, this national park offers you a stunning wild experience: immersed in a tropical forest, you will be able to come across 525 species of birds, 105 species of mammals, 80 species of reptiles, and 55 species of amphibians.

Punta Culebra Nature Center (PCNC) is another suggested destination for you. Located on one of the Amador Islands in Panama City, the PCNC is a non-profit initiative of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute: this nature center is focused on education, research, and interpretation of tropical ecosystems.

Contadora Island

You won’t probably believe it, but it only takes a 1.5-hour ferry ride or a 15-minute flight from Panama City to get to a place that looks like heaven. Located 50 miles away from the coast, Contadora Island is the only island that can be reached from Panama City. Well known for its resorts and hotels, Isla Contadora is also home to secluded white sand beaches and welcoming locals: it’s totally worth a visit.

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