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What To Wear In This Music Festival: Fashion Trends Of 2019

Everyone is excited about the music festivals for the light, shine, sunshine, music and also happiness it brings! The question is, what to wear to this music festival season to make it more happening?

We have a list of real checklist for you to follow this music festival season. Go through them and don’t forget to add a comment about your trend or fashion that you have started in the end.

Light Up Shoes- A Comfortable Yet Stylish Option

Light up gears that have been in the trend of the parties nowadays, they have now entered the music festivals. A comfortable range of products with a variety of shoes ranging from sports to casual are available in the market. The light-up shoes are no new trend. They have been revived from the past 90s trend. Light up shoes give you the glowy look and grab the attention of people towards you.

LED Party Glasses Or Sunglasses

Have you seen those big glasses people wear nowadays, with the LED lighten up around? That is the trend we are talking about. If you are looking at a night concert at a music festival, then LED Glasses are a must use for you! They go well with the light-up shoes we mentioned before! When you are looking at a day party at the fest, then don’t shy out for wearing sunglasses. The classier glasses you get, the more attention you will grab! Besides they help in protecting you from the sun too!

Braid Your Hair Up With Some Cool Accessories That Define You

Loose hairs are all good but not if you want to enjoy yourselves freely and yet look stylish. Braid up your hairs in style and get going! To your reference, there are many styles available online and many easy tutorials to learn from. Add a light-up hair extension of your color choice and you can see all eyes on you. Also if you have decided to keep it loose, then you can go easily with light-up extensions.

Sunscreen For The Day Party

Here is something to maintain your beauty while you do all these things. It is the most important for day music festivals. There are sunscreens that come with some glitter to style you up for the music enjoyment session. Don’t forget to take care before you can lose yourself in the enjoyment!

Layer Up To Face The Sun

Layers like shrugs, net shrugs, layered mini dresses, layered tops are good when you have to face the sun right in the eyes, which is common in most music festivals. White netted shirts and shrugs go very well with tiaras or hats that you wear in music festivals. Layered dresses are also good and feel-free options for the party.

Crop Tops For The Latest Style

Crop tops are the fashion trend in almost everything now. Be it formal, casual or party wear. It is here at the music festival too! The latest style is worn well at the music festival when you are comfortable with it. Make sure you are comfortable and have the right body to carry a crop top. Crop tops are cheap, easy and elegant options for a party. Get going with those crop tops in your wardrobe!

High Waists

High waists bring to you the comfort and at the same time works as a tummy tucker for you. They are actually taking care of your skin too! A high waist skirt or high waist pants are already a trend in your daily wear, why not take them to the party. There is not a better option than this for shaping your butts, as they shape your body well too! Use this multi-purpose pants and have a sexy look at this music festival, be it a mini skirt or a pant.

Mini Dresses For A Sexy Look

Mini dresses give you a sexy look when worn as body fit dresses. There are many colors and patterns available. Black and red and white are the most preferred for music festivals. The white shade is the most used one, so we suggest you be creative in your color selection and combine a few light shades but catchy and neon shades.

Light Up Accessories- To Highlight Your Presence

Light up wrist bands or light up chains make a picture-perfect look and outfit for you. No matter what you are wearing, the market has an elegant and decent selection of light-up accessories to get you a perfect photograph. Match your lights with the theme of the music fest and you will see the party going your way and enjoy it!

Beachwear To Feel The Freedom In Music

Beachwear hasn’t gone out of style yet for the music festivals. You, of course, have to take care that you don’t turn in to a fashion disaster and embarrass yourself. Be decent in your beachwear and accessorize yourself while doing it. Beachwear indeed gives you the freedom and lets you enjoy your music in your skin, but beware of the tanning and heat strokes that come with it. It is good to have a heat and health check before you opt for it.

Masks For The Theme Fest

There are a lot of trending theme music festivals and masks as a dress code is one of the most popular ones. Let your collection of mask be different and unique than others! Play in the masks game with your own style and combination and you will need nothing else as accessories for your music mood.

Hats And Caps To Rescue You From A Hair Do

Hats are the ultimate rescue for a day fest or concert. Hats give you protection from heat as well as they represent your style and fashion by your choice of hat. Caps work well when you are going for a night concert and even for a day concert too!

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