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12 Different Saree Draping Styles you can’t miss

Sarees are one of the most famous and popular Indian attire. This six to nine meters long outfit is the traditional attire of India. Women wear it on occasions, functions, festivals and parties. The light ones are also worn on a casual basis. 

The attire comes in usually all types of fabrics like cotton, silk, net, linen, velvet, chiffon, georgette and satin. The fabric is chosen as per the climatic conditions and type of function. In hot weather mostly cotton, georgette and chiffon is preferred, in cold weather heavy fabrics like silk and velvet are preferred. 

For a stunning and stylish look fabric plays a very important role but for a slim and perfect look your saree draping style matters the most. There are many different styles in which a saree is draped. Every Indian state has its own way of draping the saree and that traditional ways are mostly opted for festivals and pujas. 

Different Types of Draping Styles

1. Open Pallu Style

The easiest and casual way to drape a saree is to drape it in an open pallu style. This is a simple yet elegant way of draping the saree. In this style the saree is pleated at the waist and the pallu is pin up on the left shoulder keeping it open.

 It is a comfortable way of draping and carrying the saree. It is also helpful if you are in a hurry and can’t drape the saree in some alluring styles as this drape takes less time as compared to other draping styles. 

2. Pleated Style

The saree is tied at the waist with five to six pleats and the pallu is also draped in a pleated style. This style is perfect for sarees having a broad or heavy pallu. The pleats define the lace of pallu clearly making the saree look more attractive and pretty. 

For a slim and tall look tie the saree below the belly button. The saree should be draped in proper fitting from the waist so that it signifies a better look. You feel comfortable and free while draping the saree in this style. 

3. Gujarati Style

This is a traditional style of draping the saree. Women of Gujarat drape the saree in this style, it is called a seedha pallu saree. In this style the sarees are draped in a casual manner on the waist and the pallu is taken tucked from back to front showing the border and designs of pallu in front. The traditional bandhani sarees of Gujarat are usually worn in this manner to show the intricate design and pattern of that saree.

4. Bengali Style

It is also a traditional style of wearing the saree. This traditional style originated from West Bengal state of India. It’s hard to take your eyes off the Bengali cotton sarees in white and red. The saree has less pleats and a big pallu. 

The pallu is divided in two parts, it is first pleated and tucked on one shoulder and then the rest of it is tucked on another shoulder hanging one corner at the back. It is so pretty to see Bengali woman wearing this type of sarees. 

5. Maharashtrian Style

The traditional Maharashtrian saree is known as the Nauvari saree that are longer in length than the usual saree and have some traditional designs. They are draped in a different style that makes the saree look like a dhoti from the bottom and and has a pleated pallu at the top.

 It is the charm and beauty of Marathas and they wear the saree on special occasions, festivals, functions and weddings. In many villages the style is worn on a regular basis too. 

6. Belted Style

In this style the saree is draped in a usual manner and a beautiful belt is worn on the waist. It is one of the modern ways of wearing saree and it gives the wearer a stunning look. The belt can be golden or silver or it can be a perfect match of the saree too. 

This style is very famous nowadays and every modern girl cherishes to wear the saree in this style. The pallu of this saree can be kept open or be tucked in a pleated style.  

7. Lehenga Style

If you want to try something different and unique with your saree then drape it in a lehenga style. You don’t need to cut your saree to make a lehenga, either just drape it in a lehenga style. Arrange a single pleat in a circular style to get a different look. 

You can experiment with the pallu, try some different styles of pallu like open pallu, pleated pallu or a Gujarati seedha pallu and you are ready with the lehenga saree. 

8. Butterfly Style

It is a style in which the pallu is draped in a unique pattern that gives a butterfly wing look from the back. The attire is worn in a proper fitting from the waist that signifies your body posture perfectly and the pallu is tucked in a thin pleated style that has an uneven hanging at the end and gives an alluring look. Try this style in parties and events to get a fabulous look, it is also favourable for reception parties or weddings.    

9. Dhoti Style

One more modern style of draping the saree is to drape it in a dhoti form. It gives you a modern as well traditional look. Ditch the petticoat and drape the bottom in a dhoti style then take the pallu from back to front and drape the pallu in a pleated style or an open style, you can also opt for some other pallu draping styles. Pair a designer and beautiful blouse with your saree and get an amazing look. 

10. Saree On Skirt

A long flared skirt rather than a regular petticoat can give you a blasting look. Match the saree with a beautiful skirt and be the gorgeous lady. In this style the saree is tucked on the skirt with some pleats and a regular pallu is pin up at the shoulder.

 Pin up the pallu in pleated style or for a different look tie it loosely from the waist. Silk saree having a broad border pallu with golden zari work is a perfect pick for this style of saree. 

11. Scarf Style

Want a distinctive look, then drape the saree in scarf style. Fitted from the waist and pallu tied around the neck is a super gorgeous style of draping the saree. A plain or a printed saree in soft and shimmery fabrics like silk, chiffon or georgette can provide you a super gorgeous look.

  Add a belt to the waist for a more gorgeous look. Some adoring accessories like necklace, rings, bracelets and a bold earring is a perfect match with this saree.

12. Mermaid Style

It is similar to lehenga style that has no pleats and a circular flare at the bottom. In this style the attire is fitted till the waist and flared below the knees giving it a mermaid style look from the bottom. 

This style looks beautiful on tall girls as they can showcase the pattern in a proper style. Try different styles of pallu with this drape and add some bold accessories with it. Don’t forget to match beautiful heels with your outfit as it is the accessory that will complete your overall look.

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