10 Great Reasons Why a Luxury Resort in The Maldives is the Perfect Holiday Destination

With many parts of the northern hemisphere gripped in the depths of winter, it is often a time that sees people looking to escape to the perfect holiday destination. There are many options available around the globe depending on individual interests.

Beautiful weather and stunning scenery play a part in the decision making for sun lovers. Perhaps those with an array of staggeringly beautiful coral islands hits the spot? If so, it is time to head to the Indian Ocean and book a luxury resort in The Maldives for the following 10 great reasons.

  1. The location guarantees beautiful weather perfect for adventure or relaxation in a vibrant culture with sprawling greenery. White sandy beaches with swaying palm trees paint a picture of paradise, along with inviting blue waters. Each of the islands in the archipelago is different, but all offer amazing views and natural beauty.
  1. The Maldives has its own airport with flights landing directly from Europe, after an 8 hour trip. A tourist visa for 30 days is issued on arrival meaning no requirements for advanced paperwork.
  2. Selecting the best in luxury resorts will provide guests with an assortment of accommodation to suit all preferences whether it’s the beach, water or a jungle location.
  1. The ideal resort will be perfectly placed by the Coralarium, which is the island’s only coral regeneration project, so a stay there is also assisting the environment. The stay might encourage guests to think about the environment when using throw away cups and plates.
  1. Choosing a resort featuring luxurious features such as outdoor bathrooms, plunge pools, large bathtubs, fridges and relaxation decks will enjoy the stay is one to remember for all concerned.
  1. The sea is the perfect opportunity for those who love exploring the ocean, with snorkelling available for beginners through to expert divers. A resort with its own reef will add to the enjoyment.
  1. The islands are a great place for food lovers, with freshwater fish playing a big part of the local diet. Crispy yams are particularly popular with locals, while there is sushi available with exotic fruits which can be washed down with tantalising cocktails from one of the restaurants and bars all with stunning backdrops in the right resorts to watch the sun set over the sea.
  1. For those who enjoy dry land adventure, The Maldives is perfect for cycling around the islands and enjoying a picnic next to the waves.
  1. For those wanting to feel totally reinvigorated, the quality luxury resorts on offer provide the perfect antidote with spas, treatments, gyms and yoga and meditation to feel brand new.
  2. The Maldives is the perfect destination for those wishing to have a wedding ceremony, with luxury resorts providing all the necessary to ensure a dream day.

The Maldives is a perfect holiday destination, whether adventure or relaxation is the aim. It guarantees perfect weather and a stunning backdrop whether sitting in a luxury resort by white sands or exploring the beautiful Indian Ocean.

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