Why should you choose Goa for your next vacation?

Goa is one place in India that people of all ages desire to visit at least once in their lifetime. This state boasts of having a European way of life since a huge number of foreigners visit throughout the year from all parts of the country. However, it is Christmas, New Year and other holidays that tend to attract visitors making it tough to even get a hotel during these peak days. Whatever be the season you are visiting, make sure to book your accommodation in advance. There are several reasons to get an accommodation at leela goa. 

Why Goa?

Goa is all about beaches, sunbathing, parties, taking pictures, water sports, and much more! There are plenty of things to do here, meant for all ages. You are sure to have a great time and carry back amazing memories that you will be remembering for your lifetime and share with others. You can have an amazing vacation with family, friends, and relatives or simply travel in organized groups. This place is sure to not let you down at any time. 

List of places and things to do in Goa during the trip

  • Water sports: This place is a real paradise as you get to participate in various types of water sport activities. These are really thrilling and will compel you to come back again. They are also completely safe and guided by the experts. You can enjoy banana boat rides, water skiing, water scooter rides, scuba diving, etc. These activities are likely to provide you with freedom and a chance to explore the water world under the open blue sky. 
  • Party Place: You can visit one of the open air nightclubs that are meant for all party lovers. You are sure to come across local party hoppers along with people from all parts of the country and foreigners here. But do remember to enter reputed ones to be safe especially if you are travelling alone. You can find like-minded party animals dancing to the tunes of the popular live DJ music. Tito’s Cafe Mambo is one place where you can have an entertaining night. It enjoys being tagged as Goa’s best nightclub. You can also come across other cabarets and get to live the night life culture here to the fullest. 
  • Churches: Since this place was once a Portuguese colony, you can find here erstwhile Portuguese churches, most of which are still open. These churches are quite appealing and exhibit beautiful European architecture and are similar to what you will find in European countries. You can discuss with the locals here to know about its interesting history and attend the mass. Some of the popular churches here are Se Cathedral, Bom Jesus Basilica, St. Cajetan Church, St. Francis of Assisi Church and Our Lady of Miracles Church. 
  • Shopping at the flea markets: Goa boasts of having lots of flea markets that are undoubtedly the best place to shop for souvenirs and other unique items. The three top shopping places to visit here are the Anjuna Flea Market, Saturday Night Bazaar and Mapusa Market. You can get to buy handmade crafts, dazzling jewellery items, exotic herbs, boho dresses and funky accessories. If you have good bargaining skills, then you are sure to enjoy buying lots of items that can be carried back home to be distributed among known people. 
  • Getting inked: If you are interested in getting a tattoo, then Goa is the best place. You can come across well-known artists and have a tattoo that depicts your personality. You may take the help of the artist for suggestions or choose something unique to be engraved on any desired part of your body. It will be a lifetime memory to cherish.
  • Goa Carnival: The carnival held here is considered to be the biggest festival celebrated here and attracts domestic and foreign tourists alike. This carnival reflects Goa’s rich culture and tradition. Rather, the colourful and unique festival was introduced by the Portuguese who once dominated the region. It is celebrated for four consecutive days during February. It is full of entertainment, merriment, pomp and show.
  • Sunburn Festival: This is another popular festival celebrated here with great grandeur. It can be considered to be a wonderful mixture of dancing, food, shopping and music fiesta. Sunburn is rather a leading musical brand. It hosts the musical festival for three days every year during December. The three-day long fete can be regarded to be a complete amongst the youth and enjoyed fully. 
  • Bike ride: You may hire a bike to enjoy a fascinating ride. Since Goa is a very small place, you can easily explore the region on a bike either with your friends or even alone. It is indeed fun-filled and allows you to get to know the place well. This activity also provides you with an amazing blend of sightseeing and adventure options. Make sure you are aware of the hiring rates before you choose a rental bike and also check its condition thoroughly. 
  • ATV Ride: It is also called the All-Terrain Vehicle and is a wonderful adventure ride for all enthusiasts. 
  • Cruise ride: There are different private and government agencies that offer a wide range of cruise rides. You can choose something that best fits your budget and preferences. Some even offer buffet lunch or dinner to enjoy. You can get the feel of the blue waters of the ocean and the open sky. The luxury cruises can be boarded by both adults and kids. 
  • Candle light dinners & Romantic walks: If you are travelling with your spouse and want to impress her, then Goa is the right place to be. You can find stunning, quiet places here where you can get to spend quality time with him/her. Romantic walks on the shores or beachside will work like magic to rekindle your love for your spouse. You can also visit one of the restaurants here to enjoy candle light dinners.

Planning months ahead of the trip will allow you to enjoy the benefits of booking leela goa.

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