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Studies have proven that gardening reduces stress and that there is happiness in the dirt. Researchers have also found that those who garden have better heart health, hand strength and also tend to sleep better during the night. Gardening is a great family activity that engages the entire family. However, pests are here to promote the exact opposite. Your garden and your happiness are interlinked. As your garden grows, your self-esteem and happiness also grow with it. Likewise, when you see your garden fail, you feel that you are a failure as well. Pests are here to aid the latter. They hinder your plants’ growth, spoil your yields and damage your crops. But fear not, we are here to provide you ways to keep your garden strong and yielding.

Remove Weak or Infected Plants on a Regular Basis

Plants that slouch over or are withered out can be classified as weak plants. If you feel that you have taken good care of them, yet they have ended up in that situation could mean that they have been infected. Riverside tree professionals for removing trees is a good way to contain the infestation from spreading to the plants around them. Be sure to discard these plants thoroughly.

Do Not Disturb The Soil

Have a no-dig no-tilling policy whilst managing your garden. If you feel the need to get rid of unwanted weeds, do not till or dig them, just uproot them with your hands. Microbes take time to multiply, having undisturbed soil will give a proper chance to the beneficial microbes to multiply which then minimizes the introduction of pests.

Disinfect Your Tools

Before you start working in your garden, be sure to disinfect your tools. Disinfectants have chemicals strong enough to kill pests that may have been lingering around your gardening tools. Be sure to use disinfectants every time you shift to another gardening area within the same gardening session. This will reduce the speed at which insects invade your plants. 

Keep Your Foliage Dry

Watering your plants is a necessity. However, the wet foliage attracts insects and fungal damage to your plants.

You can keep the foliage dry using two methods.

  • Practicing drip irrigation

This is a more expensive solution between the two. Drip irrigation would require a system to be placed in the garden so that the water is fed directly to the roots of the plants. Although it is an expensive option, drip irrigation has shown greater yield in plants. This is a must-try solution for serious gardeners. 

  • Watering the plant early so that the foliage remains dry during most of the day.

Carry Out Plant Rotation 

Pests are mostly plant-specific, meaning if a certain pest attacks your rose it is less likely that the same pest would go after your jasmines. When your plants are rotated on a continuous basis, there is a lower chance of pests moving throughout your crops at alarming rates. You could also keep your plants on rotation for each season to further empower this method. 

Invite Natural Predators

Natural predators, such as good bugs, birds and garden snakes are an easy way of controlling pests. Although it is a scary thought, having these natural predators in their garden will serve as natural pest control.

Maintain Your Soils Health

The health of your soil directly correlates to the health of your plant. You can maintain the health of your soil by using natural composting methods, mulching, and top-dressing. These methods will help your plants stay strong and vigorous.

Place Sticky Traps

Placing a brightly colored sticky trap near your plants will attract pests to the trap. Make sure that you place these traps around the same height as plants. A major disadvantage of using sticky traps is that it also traps essential bugs. If you do not have any problems with that, then this is the most effective method for you.

Plant Pest Repelling Plants

We’re all aware of pest repelling essential oils. However, we often forget that these essential oils are derived from plants that have pest repelling properties. If you were to plant catnip, dill, mint, nasturtium close to your other plants, their pest repelling properties will keep pests away from the plants around them.

Scoria Pest Control by MDX Concepts

Scoria Pest Control Pouches by MDX Concepts are naturally derived pest control pouches. These pest control pouches can be used for controlling roaches, ant control, rodent control, and taking care of other pests.

Scoria uses a variety of essential oils that are derived from plants to repel pests. This enables scoria to be effective against all sorts of pests. Due to the solution being 100% natural, it can be placed near plants and will not hinder their growth in any way.

Most naturally derived pesticides have a complex procedure that needs to be followed for maximum effectiveness. However, that is not the case with Scoria pest control pouches. These pest control pouches need to be placed in the pots of the plants or around the plants and your pest control is set in place. Unlike other natural sprays and treatments that need to be redone often, Scoria’s treatment remains effective for 6 months. This means that you need not worry about pest control for six months and give your undivided attention to your garden. Scoria pest control pouches are also affordable. Each box comes with 12 pouches, enough to cover the space of the average garden.

Local Pest Control

If everything else fails, you should call your local pest control department. Gardening is hard work. Sometimes we might not have the means to take care of our beloved garden, therefore, during those times pests take advantage of that. When we go out for a visit or have busy days, those are the times when pests seem to attack. If you feel like the pest infestation in your garden has gone out of control, you could always call your local pest control unit. 

Local pest control units have access to pesticides that us common folk do not. This is mostly due to the complexity of their pest control methods. However, they will have sure proof methods of taking care of pest infestations with minimum damage to your garden. Do not hesitate to alert your local pest control. According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global pest control market size was USD 19.73 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 31.94 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR 6.31% during the forecast period (2020-2027).

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