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How To Successfully Build Your First Apartment?

Not always easy to move from the mini-studio to an apartment. We have dreams and desires full head and not necessarily the wallet that goes with it. Otherwise, it would be too easy, right? You will have to learn patience. This rule is also valid for any new development because often nothing goes. It lacks storage space. Some furniture does not fit in the new environment. We want to start another story. I tell you that because I’m right in it.

The problems of developing the first apartment often rhyme with a small area, rental, limited budget and everything to buy. So I will try to slip some tips and some shopping tips.


This rule is valid for each move. Each move is indeed an opportunity to SORT THE TRIAL of all that is amassed. KEEP ONLY WHAT WILL REALLY SERVE YOU. You will feel lighter and gain more space. It is a philosophy of life that applies throughout our life course.


Do not think that the decoration of an interior is done with a magic wand as on Instagram. This is not true!

It’s slow, sometimes tedious, but mostly fun, fun … You really have to take it as a playground and experiment. Do you say that one gets tired very quickly of a catalog decoration which is often cold? To feel good in the long term at home, the secret is to MIX: old objects, recent furniture, souvenirs of travels … while controlling the clutter.


The best way to save money is to be INVENTIVE and to try hacking and makeover. Your old furniture does not please you anymore, make them look new! Just a little bit to modernize them, even an old grandmother’s wardrobe will take on a new look by turning to modern white or navy blue. Re-assemble your chairs.


We are often afraid to touch the walls of a rental. However, personally, I could not help intervene in each of my rentals, and I never encountered big problems in the inventory. No question of repainting everything in purple, but you can REPEAT the walls in white or neutral gray, or even try a nice wall of color. There is also repositionable wallpaper. It changes everything.


  • Make a wall of frames.
  • Put green plants in the pure urban jungle trend.
  • Look after the light by multiplying the light points. This will make your interior warmer.
  • Create a wall of shelves from modular systems in DIY superstores.
  • Choose pretty sheets and multiply the cushions on the bed.
  • Create a sofa bench with a bed and accumulate cushions, plaids.
  • Divert furniture like a chair, turned into a bedside table, a box in the living room table…

A shopping selection

When you have a small budget, you tend to rush to decorating at a low price. In itself, it is not a bad thing for all that concerns the small decoration (Attention always cumulated), but for the furniture, it is better to invest on some pieces which will follow you than to buy full of small stuff low of range.

I have thus selected 5 essential and interesting furniture.


It is a lighthouse where you spend a lot of time, so much as it is comfortable and welcoming. In addition, the sofa sets the tone of the decor. It should not be too much about its quality, just to keep a moment.

The neutral or colored tone is the question. I do not necessarily have a perfect answer to give you. From experience, I got tired of my anthracite gray sofa and dreamed only of color. Maybe, I would have tired of the navy sofa, which I dream.


It’s always interesting to bet on furniture two in one. I love this design table, which can serve as a dining room table, desk or console.


It is not necessarily necessary to invest in a bed. However, it is better not to neglect mattress and box spring. 

It is always possible to recover chairs at low prices on flea markets. It is also interesting to afford some pretty table chairs that can serve as a dining room seat or office. Nothing prevents to mix styles.


A good investment is to bet on solid shelves that will serve as a library, dresser…

I hope that this article will have interested and will have given you ideas for your development or your future developments.

Hanging Canvas – Wall Décor Ideas

The art that we select for our interiors says a lot about us and can do a lot in setting the desired mood for the space. Homes help us express ourselves and the décor we choose to use reminds us of our goals in life. The custom hanging canvas prints are so popular these days that we can barely choose one – usually new homeowners have at least three in each room. 

Beside choosing a canvas with a personal message printed on it (typography), you can also consider some of the following:

  • Line Art
  • Female figure
  • Contemporary portraits
  • Bold abstracts
  • Retro designs
  • Surreal collages
  • Nature photography

The importance of living in an aesthetical yet comfortable home has raised with this year’s changes. Almost all people stayed at home and worked from home, so the need for a trendy interior design has been increased a lot. Have you already decided what design suits you the best?

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