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8 Best-Selling Flowers for Mother’s Day

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give your mom during Mother’s Day, you can never go wrong with a stunning floral arrangement. Not only can you send it as a solo gift, but it can also be used to complement another present. In addition, you will be spoilt for choice because there are so many different types of flowers with different colors to choose from. Furthermore, you can customize the floral arrangement to fit the style and preference of the recipient. The best-selling floral arrangements for Mother’s Day are included.


Roses are popularly gifted during this special occasion because they are elegant, and timeless and are available in a wide range of shades and hues. Therefore, if your parent has a classic style, then you should consider gifting her roses. Roses have different meanings based on their colors. For instance, pink roses symbolize appreciation, sweetness, and elegance, and are perfect to show your mom you admire them. On the other hand, yellow roses represent friendship and joy and are perfect to give your mom if you consider them your best friend.


Carnations have ruffled, vibrant petals and they popularly symbolize beauty. Which makes them a perfect present for all beautiful moms in the world. In addition, pink carnations symbolize motherly love. Sending a beautiful arrangement of pink carnations to your mother shows that you pay attention to details. Plus, they will go great in any room, adding a bit of color to the home. It’s a thoughtful way of showing your care.


Lilies have a feminine appearance and beautiful fragrance. In addition, their buds unfold into big, star-shaped flowers, which can impress any person who receives them. Moreover, lilies represent fertility, innocence, and fruitfulness, all of which are associated with motherhood. A beautiful color and a beautiful flower, these arrangements will look great in any space. It’s always nice to be thought of, especially on your special day.

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies has an elegant trumpet shape which makes it look refined and chic. Calla Lilies are associated with beauty, and you can send them to your mom to remind her that she is beautiful inside and out. It’s a thoughtful way of showing you care and showing that you pay attention. Sometimes the little things can make the biggest impression. Your mother will feel special when she receives her arrangement of calla lilies. 


Tulips are popular spring blooms that symbolize affection and confidence. They have chic green leaves and elongated petals which make them look elegant and classy. Moreover, tulips are available in many colors, and will surely brighten your mom’s day. An interesting fact about Tulips is they can continue to grow after they have been cut. Which is like how a mom never stops loving her children. Tulips have an assortment of colors that will look great in any home.


Peonies are usually in-season during April and May, which makes them a popular choice for people who want to send flowers for Mother’s Day. Peonies symbolize good fortune and prosperity. These are great things to wish for someone you love. Your mother will appreciate the thought and truly feel special. Which is the best gift you can give a mother on their special day. Sprinkling them with gifts that have beautiful meanings will make them feel so special.


Sunflowers are very bright and cheerful blooms. They also represent loyalty, adoration, and wisdom. Which makes them a great choice for moms who have very bright personalities. It’s a great way to say that you notice these details about them. Sometimes it’s easy for mothers to just be labeled “mothers.” Giving her a gift that shows you know her personality inside and out will make her feel heard.

Gerber Daisy

Red Gerber Daisies symbolize love, while pink ones represent gratitude and admiration. Gerber Daisies can evoke feelings of happiness and cheerfulness in the recipient. You can give large, colorful blooms to your mom to cheer her up. Seeing a big and bright bouquet will make anyone’s day. Make sure to snag an arrangement of these to ensure that your mother feels the love on Mother’s Day.


Popular floral arrangements that you can gift your mom during her special day include roses, carnations, lilies, tulips, and peonies. Floral arrangements are stunning, have sweet scents, carry meaningful symbolism, and can be customized to fit the style and preference of your mom. Floral arrangements are a simple gift but they have a big meaning. It’s always nice to know someone is looking out for you. It’s even better to know how much someone loves you when they send you a beautiful arrangement.

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