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Pear Outfits: 5 Fashion Tips for Pear Shape Ladies

Pear-shaped women are often body shamed. Harsh, right! Do not let them get into your head. Wear whatever you please. From Khaadi pakistani girls dress to Zara’s velvet tops, you can flaunt your figure in any attire you wish to.

In case, you are looking for fashion tips that can make you look even more flattering, here are a few…

The Must-Have Tops

Although I am a true believer of ‘wear what you please’ but many women get conscious and look for options that go best with their body shapes. So, let’s start by discussing the tops styles that can go best with your pear-shaped self. Good news, you can go wild with your choice of tops. Especially when it comes to fun tops. The world is your oyster in that category. 

And in case you are a sucker for bright colors and bold patterns, you are one lucky individual. Some of the power pieces that you should consider adding to your wardrobe include:

  • Cowl necks
  • Scoop neck
  • Plunging V-necks
  • Bell-shaped sleeves

As a general rule, opt for tops that are more fitted as they will draw attention towards your narrow waist. Such silhouettes will also give more definition to your narrow shoulders. 

Let’s Layer

Done with the tops, now it’s time to decide the styles of layers that will look the best on you. The length of your jacket makes the difference in this case. And it does for all shapes. The pear shape is no exception. However, to make it easy for you to shop for yourself, try looking for the following styles:

  • A-line as well as princess cuts
  • Boxy coats
  • short jackets
  • Anything at mid-thigh length
  • Cropped style emphasizing on your waist

Say Yes to Dress

Dresses should be your go-to outfits. I am not even exaggerating when I say that dresses look flawless on a pear-shaped body. You will have a gazillion options to choose from. Some of the many styles that you can choose from include embellished necklines, dramatic sleeves, belted styles, and open backs. These styles will go well with your slender upper body. However, you can also choose A-line dresses. Because this silhouette complements your body shape the most. 

Opt for hemlines that hit below the knee. Just right below it. And see the magic happen. A hemline this long elongates your frame while slenderizing your hips and thigh regions. You can also opt for maxi styles. They are both comfortable and chic.

Jeans and Pants

The cuts of jeans that can work the best for you would be flared and boot cuts. As far as the colors are concerned, you should opt for more subtle and dark tones. Because you would most probably be already choosing fun, printed and bright colored tops for yourself. 

If you are on the petite side, then you should opt for classic trouser fits or boot cuts. They will give a more elongating look. However, if you are petite and have a love for flares, then you should opt for floor length fit. Wear it with heels. It will work wonders. 

What about the Accessories?

When it comes to accessories, some styles look best on pear-shaped women than others. You might think that I am crazy to think that but it actually holds true. From a dainty layered necklace to anything that you can categorize as a chunky statement will work best for you. You can even consider chains that reach above your bust. This will draw the attention upwards. 

As far as the earrings are concerned, you should go for statement earrings that come in beaded patterns. Opting for earrings that bear unique gems wouldn’t be a bad option either. Just stick to the rule, the bigger the better, while shopping earrings for yourself. You are also lucky because you can carry the wide-brimmed hat very well with your body shape.


This blog may have discussed a couple of styles that would look good on pear-shaped women. However, this does not mean that pear-shaped women cannot wear something other than the styles mentioned. If it pleases you, please feel comfortable in flaunting it. You can rock formal pants for women as much as you can a mini skirt. And do not let anyone tell you otherwise. And if someone tries to body shame you, eliminate those people from your life. You do not need that level of negativity in your life.

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