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8 Extraordinary Kurti Design To Make Your 2019 Fashionable

Looking for the best Kurti designs to flaunt in 2019? Of course, we live in the fashion world, where style change instantly and that’s why the task of choosing the right kurti becomes very difficult. From Indo-western styles to Modern and Ethnic styles, you will find some amazing things in the market. It is all because of the innovative minds of designers. And there are no two ways that everyone has a different taste in clothing. The kurti itself are found in so many styles and change its look according to its styling. And you can even play with the style and get something contemporary stitched for yourself. 

The Kurtis are very comfortable and you can carry it anywhere you want to. There is no as such rule book to do so, you simply have to follow your heart and enjoy whatever you are wearing. However, in 2019, you can find so much in the market that the whole task becomes difficult. So here are 8 handpicked kurti designs that will help you to look extraordinarily fashionable. Slide down and read further!

  1. Front Slit Shirt Kurti: 
Front Slit Shirt Kurti

The Front Slit style is very in today’s time. It has a centre cut and shows your bottom in a perfect way. It’s chic and feminine when you wear it elegantly. The shirt kurtis are already very elegant and slit adds a spark to it. You will enjoy its structure as well as style. Carry it wherever you want to. Choose the right fabric and wear it anywhere you want to.

  • Cold Shoulder Kurtis: 
Cold Shoulder Kurtis

The Cold shoulder kurtis are extremely cool and popular. It comes with a half, 3/4th or full sleeve pattern with a cold shoulder look. The sleeves are just supplementary as they give support to your look. In this way, you will be able to show your skin in the most sophisticated way. Choose the overall style and neckline according to your comfort and enjoy the cold shoulder design.

  • Spaghetti Strap Kurti: 
Spaghetti Strap Kurti

The Spaghetti Strap Kurti has the talent to instantly change your ethnic kurti to something western. It has the minimalistic sleeves that make you look hot. Also, the printed kurtis looks the best in this style. To make your kurta look beautiful, choose the flowy bottom and statement dupatta with it. It will help you to show off your body in a charming way.

  • Short Peplum Kurti: 
Short Peplum Kurti

The Short Peplum kurti will give you a Sara Ali Khan-like look. It is an Indo-western design of kurti that enhance the beauty of any women. It has a balloon-like effect and defines your fashion sense. You can choose the long skirts, pants or dhoti pants to do justice with these kurtis. Choose its sleeve and neck design according to your comfort.

  • A-Line Kurti with Tie-up design: 
A-Line Kurti with Tie-up design

The A-line Kurtis have the slanting structure and your unique fashion taste. It is not over-flowy and that’s why it is preferred by most of the women. The Tie-up design in these kurtis helps you to highlight your waistline. It adds an edge to the whole kurti look. You will admire the way in which it will make you look slimmer.

  • Handkerchief Hemline Kurti: 
Handkerchief Hemline Kurti

The Tissue or handkerchief hemline is very sleek and makes your kurti look flowy. It doesn’t come with any sort of pattern at the end so that your kurti can feel light on the body. It will work exactly like the Kaftan kurtis and make you look slick. It will be perfect for the summery day out.

  • Angrakha Style Kurti:  
Angrakha Style Kurti

Angrakha  Style Kurtis have the inclining look and helps you to go back in 90’s era. It almost looks like the Anarkali kurti but has a less flow. These are sophisticated and long. The ladies with the overwhelming taste must try it out. Get it with the traditional work and matching dupatta. Printed kurti in angrakha style are the most preferred ones.

  • Sleeveless Kurti: 
Sleeveless Kurti

Sleeveless kurti can never go out of fashion because it’s straightforward and easy-going in every sense. The sleeveless kurtis are found in every single style of kurti. It helps you to show off your hands and get a balanced look. Depending on the fabric and style of your kurti, you can carry a sleeveless pattern to any occasion or gathering. You are going to enjoy its mid-year look.

We live in an era where everyone wants to experiment with their attire and look perfect at any occasion. And a right kurti choice can help you out. The Contemporary kurtis are very much in trend and define your tasteful and rich styling sense. So simply choose the perfect kurti from the above-given list and wear it anywhere you want to. Choose the right fabric and accessories and enjoy the incredible vibes. In this way, you will be able to flaunt at any occasion.

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