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DON’T Sleep With Your Makeup On – You’ll Regret!

Ladies, these days, don’t go out without their makeup on. They’d wear some lipstick at least and do some eye-makeup like applying mascara or eyeliner to give themselves a decent yet attractive appearance. Of course, they don’t even look at low-quality products because they can’t do anything risky to their skin. Along with beautifying their looks, women care a lot about their health as well. This is why they always go for bigger brands that they believe make high-quality cosmetics. They don’t want any reactions on their skin that would cause skin problems like pigmentation and pimples. 

Girls really love makeup products. I’ve always seen a huge crowd in cosmetic stores every time and, yeah, they do. But they love their skin health more. I’ve seen many women sleep with their faces and eyes filled with makeup. They really think that it’s okay for them to do that but what they don’t know is that there are lots of side effects that can ruin your upcoming days pretty bad. To all the women who think it’s okay to sleep with your makeup on, let me tell you the things that will happen if you do that. 

Chronic Inflammation

Here’s what happens. You just came back home after a long day with your makeup on. Being lazy or due to any other reason, you decide to just go to sleep and remove the makeup in the morning instead. You’re wearing concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, etc. If you do this a few times, you’ll start to notice some pimples on your skin due to chronic inflammation. What happens is that the dirt and the skin cells that are dead stay on your skin and clog the pores. When the skin can’t breathe, it will start to get this inflammation and show clear consequences when you wake up the next day. 

Your Skin Will Go Dull

Let’s say that you wake up the next day with your makeup on your skin and you’re like “I wish I had my skin looked clear”. Well, this might have happened because of your not-removing-the-makeup-the-last-night thing. You must stop doing this and cleanse your skin before going to bed. This will clear up all the dirt, dead skin cells, and oils from your skin making you look fresh in the morning with crystal clear skin. Better avoid getting your make-up-filled-face rubbing on your pillow. The results won’t be any good and you’ll regret your decision of not removing your makeup before sleeping. 

Your Dream Of Always Looking Young Will Be Left Incomplete

We all want to look young and have the skin as soft as a baby. There are many factors including genetics that cause our skin to start looking old. However, one of the most significant factors that all of us have control over is not having our makeup removed when we sleep. If you keep doing this, you’ll start to see aging symptoms like wrinkles on your skin and those are extremely not acceptable by any woman out there, not even me. If you really love your skin, then I don’t think that it’s even a big effort to put some makeup remover on a cotton patch and wipe the products off. The benefit is worth doing it for. 

It Will Make Your Skin Conditions Worse

So you’re already having some problems with your skin like pigmentation, acne, or anything like so. It’s like an alarming situation for you and you shouldn’t ignore it. DO NOT sleep with your makeup on because this will make your problems worse and you’ll start to hate yourself for what you had done to your skin. This would be all your fault so it’s best to avoid wearing makeup while sleeping if you love your skin. 

Infections In Eyes Becomes Possible

Oh, I know you wouldn’t want even a single little thing to happen to this sensitive area. It hurts too much even if we get a single piece of dirt in your eyes. How are we going to handle an infection? So girls! Always remove your eye-makeup before bed because when you’re sleeping, you’re actually rubbing the product all over your pillow or maybe with your fingers all night long. There’s a lot of chance that you accidentally make makeup hit your eyeball and you’ll hate this feeling in the morning, trust me. 

Try to get rid of eyeliners, mascaras, and especially the eyeshadows. However, it is still safe to wear eyeshadows all night long if you have good-quality ones. You can buy them by judging by their packaging. If it’s high in quality and looks professional and attractive, then get it immediately. And if someone with a business is reading this, then I’d advise you to sell your eyeshadows by buying wholesale eyeshadow boxes from good packaging brands like Dawn Printing.

Rashes Are Bad, Aren’t They?

I hate them, personally. They not only look bad but also hurt really worse than that. Just a little bit of a skin stretch really hurts and if it’s facial skin (sensitive), it’s much haunting. You can fall into this problem if you sleep with your made-up face. The makeup includes perfumes and other irritants that will cause inflammation if in contact with the skin for longer periods of time. So ladies! Take this as an alarm and love your skin more. 


No matter how tired or lazy you are at the moment, take out some time before going to bed and remove all of your makeup if you don’t want any trouble. By doing this, you’re not only caring about your beauty but also your skin health. Makeup has chemicals in it that will deteriorate your skin badly. Your skin will be happy to be yours if you do this. You need to cleanse your skin daily about two times. Before going to bed and in the morning before applying your makeup again. Use gentle cleansers if you have dry or normal skin. However, if you have an oily one, then exfoliators will be the best for you. Love your skin, and your skin will love you back!

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