How To Style Your Western Cowboy Hat?

Wranglers and ranchers wear cowboy hats for a bunch of reasons. Be it shade, protection from nature’s elements, warmth, or more! But when it comes to fashion, people wear it to add an upgrade to their outfits. With a few styling tips, you can wear your cowboy hat effortlessly and improve your game. 

Decide on your style 

There is a wide range of cowboy hats available, and choosing the best one for you is essential. Before buying a style, try on different cowboy hat styles and sizes that fit you best. A few cowboy hat styles include the derby, the gambler, the cattleman, and more. There are other modern cowboy hat alternatives that you can choose from. 

Another aspect is the material. It is better to understand that cowboy hats made of felt are for occasions or formal events.

These can make you feel dressier but keep you warm during the colder months. Straw hats, on the other hand, are more casual, perfect for regular outdoor activities. Find an item that is overwhelming but also goes well with the shape of your face. The perfect hat for you could be with a buckle or have careful details of crystal adornments or even a suede weave. 

Avoid the cynics 

Never bother asking naysayers of their opinion on getting men’s cowboy hats. You can hear your fair share of criticism, but that is all. The fashion world is a vast space and far more accepting of all kinds of choices. Cowboy hats are one of them. You can include chic to your style without fearing getting excessive attention. Cowboy hats ooze confidence, ruggedness, and independence! 

Begin basic 

Avoid wearing your cowboy hat backward. Plenty of hats come with bows placed on linings, framing the headband. When wearing the hat, ensure that the bubble got seated at the front. Instead, the front should be narrower. The ascending portion gets placed frontwards, while the dip goes backward. 

The angle 

Cowboy hatbrims have a language of their own. Make sure when you wear one, you are fluent in it. Leveled brims give a straightforward attitude, while you can pass off a severe vibe if you lower the brim towards your eyes. For a more confident look, a tilt at the side works best. However, avoid pushing your brim upwards; it oozes an amiable vibe unless you aim for it! It can also make you look mysterious. 

Strategical dressing 

If you want to avoid dressing up for a country-themed rave, you should avoid overdoing your western style. You must dress according to the occasion, strategically placing your cowboy hat so that it compliments your outfit. You can try layering your white t-shirt, but avoid adding a pair of cowboy boots. These can make you overtly cowboy-ish. You can opt for sweaters, flannels, plaids, or solid colors for a more natural look. 

If you are dressing for an event, and want your outfit to be on the dressier side, pair your hat with straight-legged pants and a blazer. Detailed or skinny jeans should stay avoided at all costs. 

Understand that you can spot excessiveness when it gets extreme. The lesser, the better attitude can go a long way when styling cowboy hats. Opt for one western-styled piece at one go. Statement belts are always an upgrade to any outfit; however, they can scream excess from afar when paired with cowboy hats! It would help if you also remained away from buckles and rodeo belts. 

Consult style icons

Fashion trends follow an on-and-off phenomenon. But when it comes to cowboy hats, it is a fashion trend filled with greatness regardless of the occasion and era. Check out what style is excellent and which ones should stay avoided. A little bit of research is mandatory! Consult real-life style icons and fashion gurus. 

Follow hat etiquette 

Cowboy hats come with tradition. Any region you are wearing it in requires particular etiquette. While you are utilizing your best to select a cowboy hat that suits your look, you must also follow the code of wearing it. It is all about the respect you are willing to give. Below are a few places where you must take a cowboy hat: 

  • Indoor weddings
  • Private homes
  • Place your hat over your left upper side when in front of a flag
  • Church 
  • In the presence of a lady 
  • At the dinner table 

With cowboy hats, you can be as accurate as you want to be! You can even have it rugged, as long as you style your cowboy hat that enhances your personality! A wide variety of options can help you choose the best, while these styling tips can help you wear them with pleasure. Myths should not pull you from wearing hats. You can look adorable by following basic hat trends. 

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