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Common Plumbing Issues Your Restaurant Faces and How to Resolve Them

Baltimore lost more than 40 bars and restaurants in 2021. Your restaurant’s plumbing system is a significant part of your business, operating in the background of your customers’ experience without them even knowing it. However, problems with the piping and water systems can lead to many unhappy guests and big losses for your business. 

With expert plumbing repair in Baltimore, you can determine and resolve common issues that plague restaurants around the country.

Sinks and Faucets That Don’t Drain Properly

This is usually caused by a clog from food particles or grease stuck inside one of your drain pipes. Simply use a plunger on any drains where water isn’t going down properly and dispose of all food items from these areas.

Sluggish or Clogged Bathroom Drains

A sluggish drain means there is likely something stuck in the system. In some cases, a plumber can use a snake and find the source of the clog. Other times, water becomes trapped in one area due to clogs from food and other particles and eventually backs up into your bathrooms.

This issue can be solved through proper restaurant cleaning and maintenance. Look for any stuck-on food that could cause problems and remove it immediately before it has a chance to stick! 

Water That’s Too Cool/Too Warm

If cold water comes out of your hot faucet or vice versa, you need to adjust your thermostat. Most likely, it has been turned down too far, which is an easy fix. Check it before you call in the experts. 

Excessive Moisture on Walls or Ceiling

If you’re seeing water dripping from any area of your restaurant, you need to check into that immediately- there could be a broken pipe or another plumbing issue. Call a professional plumber to inspect the damage and make sure everything is working correctly to avoid a costly repair bill later.

Leaks/Plumbing Emergencies

Baltimore has extreme climate with temperatures varying between 17 F and 97 F. Temperature variations could trigger leaks and pipe bursts. Do not ignore these issues if they continue, even after plunging drains or flushing out pipes with cleaners. This means you most likely have a larger problem that needs immediate plumbing repair in Baltimore to prevent water damage.

How to Maintain the Plumbing System in Your Restaurant

Here are some other things to keep in mind about plumbing in your restaurant:

Think Ahead: When it comes to major appliances like dishwashers, ice machines, etc., you don’t want something new installed before making sure there is proper drainage/piping where it needs to go.

Plan for the Future of Your Business: Look into any renovations that will require plumbing changes (like adding more bathrooms or moving equipment around) at the start of each year so you can budget properly for them. 

Don’t Neglect Regular Maintenance: Schedule drain cleanings with a plumber at least once every six months, unclog anything that needs it immediately, and always dispose of food items in the trash instead of down drains or toilets.

Clear the Grease Trap: If you have a grease trap installed for your equipment, understand that it must be emptied regularly according to specifications so that water can flow freely.

Inspect the Damp Spots: If you experience any unexplained damp spots on your ceiling or walls, the cause is most likely backed up drains which means there is an issue with your restaurant plumbing system- don’t ignore it!

Keep It All Covered: Keep any exposed pipes in areas where customers might see them covered and kept clean since they can become breeding grounds for bacteria if left exposed.

Prevent Clogs: Make sure all of your staff members are aware of proper drain care procedures. It includes preventing clogs by keeping food out of sinks, properly disposing of anything down them, and maintaining proper cleaning standards by immediately reporting slow-moving drains.

Hire the Right Plumber

The average cost of hiring a plumber in Baltimore is between $90 and $700. Never hire a plumber based on price alone. Ensure they are licensed and insured with liability protection which means they’ll cover any damage they cause while working in your business.

Also, the plumber should be experienced and communicative. They should let you know when they arrive each day and when they think the job will be finished, so you aren’t left wondering. They should answer any questions about their process with ease. 

Most importantly: the plumber should be willing to submit a copy of their licenses and insurance for your records (which usually means they aren’t trying anything shady).

Follow these tips, and your business will stay in good shape with a timely plumbing repair in Baltimore. Not only will you avoid the risk of water damage, but you’ll enjoy a more pleasant customer experience and greater profits. 

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