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Clearing and Relining Blocked Drains and Pipes: Beginners Guide

The drainage system is an inherent part of any household and it is connected to another part which is important as well the sewer system. We use laundry sinks, bathroom sinks, kitchen sink etc. and amid all the sinks  the most contributor of wastes is the kitchen sink… We dump things, unwanted wastes such as grease, cooking oils, clumps of hair, hygiene products, etc down the sinks. While doing so we don’t think of the bigger picture and later it affects the drain and finally the sewer systems.  

An Idea About the Symptoms of Blocked Drains and Pipes

There are tons of causes which can lead to disruption of drains and sewers such as the growth of plants and foliage which can crack into the joints for nutrition and moisture. But if the symptoms blocked drains or pipes can be detect with time it can save the property owner from any unpleasant situation. So what are the symptoms that would immediately help us to know that we need to take actions immediately regarding clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes? Here are the following ones, one need to keep their eyes open for:

  • If the drain in the lowest level of your house, there will be frequent breakouts in the backed-up drain, abstain from cleaning it yourself. Contact a professional, thus clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes. 
  • In washroom, showers and tubs will show the signs of being clogged; you won’t be able to get rid of it. Regular back-ups are undoubtedly the vital sign of disrupted pipes. When flushing, the water accumulates above the hole instead of flushing out and producing a regurgitating sound.
  • A sanitized drainage or sewage will not let any odor but if your nose is detecting sharp rotting sewer gas, then there are some possible cracks in your pipes as you shouldn’t smell it at the first place. It’s time for clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes. 
  • If you get to see any mold growth on the walls behind which the pipes run. Immediately call for the professionals as mold grows where humidity levels are 55% more than the actual one. It can be a possible sign of damaged sewer pipes.
  • If wastewater is draining slowly in sinks of your toilet, or laundry as a slow drain or sewer can be a vital sign of clogged brain, maybe there is a need of clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes.
  • Noticing any extra luscious and green foliage around fields? It may be a sign of possible leakage from any drain line underground. Any leakage will give the plant extra nutrients required for its growth. Also, indentation in your grounds can be a probable sign of leakage, as leaking waste fluid can cause the removal of the top layer of soil thus creating an indent.
  • If you see any cracks or any foundation issues, you can consider clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes as the main pipe behind may have leaks that are widened due to excessive leaks. It may lead to cracks in your sinkholes.

Clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes is necessary whenever a clogged drain or pipe symptoms are seen. If any of the problems are noticed contact professionals and consider clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes immediately. Also ensure to remember the basics, be aware of what type of wastes you disposing of. Ensure periodic observation and look out for any symptoms that indicate the deteriorating drains and sewers. 

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