Top Spots You Can Explore in Goa

If you are already in the mood of traveling then you should plan out a holiday. There are so many amazing places that you would want to go to in your life. Have you ever been to goa? Indeed, Goa is a place that everyone would enjoy to the fullest. 

There are so many spots to explore and things to do in goa. You can even book villas in north goa for a comfortable experience for you. After all, when you go to a place, you would not just want to enjoy different spots but also relax when you are tired.Β  After all, it is time that you go ahead and look at some of the places that you cannot miss in goa. Because once you know about them, you are going to be more excited and thrilled to visit.

Vagator beach

One of the most gorgeous beaches of the state of Goa, the Vagator beach is quite simple, tranquil, and exquisite. Not among the extremely long beaches, this beach offers you amazing sightseeing, water sports as well as shopping. You know the gorgeous beauty of this beach is hard to write in words but at best can be put into its basics like the fringing palms, the sun kissed golden sands and the pure waters. The spotting of rocks alongside the beach is a factor that adds quite a touch of grace to the beach.

Butterfly beach 

Are you planning for gorgeous beaches where you can actually witness crabs, dolphins, and goldfish? You can even explore and enjoy the golden sands across beautiful clear blue water with palm trees which make a picture-perfect spot for vacationers. Moreover, visitors visit this splendid place mainly to observe the goldfish and take some spectacular pictures to keep for lifetime memories. Other than this , if you are there, make sure that you do not forget to watch the playing dolphins and see the wonderful sunsets. So, to reach the beach you need to trek for a couple of minutes as the accessibilities are restricted. 

Chapora fort

It is a famous place among tourists because of its picturesque views present from the top of the spot. Chapora fort is popular for its historical charm and amazing architectural marvels. For that, it is one of the finest places to visit in north goa other than any of the splendid beaches. From the top, enjoy the stunning views of beaches like Anjuna and even Vagator. Also, this fort is the most well-known fort in north goa because it was featured in the popular movie β€œDil Chahta Hai” a Bollywood blockbuster. Irrespective , Chapra fort is in the present time referred to as the Dil Chahta Hai fort amidst tourists. After reaching the top via trekking the view is simply worth it. Once you are there, you are not going to regret it for sure. Other than this , you can even get a stunning picture with stunning views around. Moreover, you can even visit nearby places such as Vagator beach that offers splendid scenic views and scrumptious seafood. 

Miramar beach

One of the most famous beaches of Goa, the Miramar beach is the final destination if looking for some sort of peace and tranquility and solitude. The beautiful charm of this beach has made it the top spots in north goa to visit. Other than the peace and the beauty, this beach is the center of shops in the area too which makes it perfect for shopping local crafts too. After all, you can enjoy some quality time with your partner, friends or siblings once you are there.  You can capture some really cool pictures too.

Anjuna beach

Scattering up to a distance of nearly 2kms the Anjuna beach is really charismatic and hypnotic. Often surprisingly quiet, this beach is amidst the narrow beaches of the goa. The charm and splendor of this place is devoted to the varied terrain of the place which goes from the low rocky cliffs to that of the hamlet area down below the flea market.  This beach is most renowned for its flea market that would give you the true flavor of the hippie culture of goa. If you have never been to this spot, you cannot simply miss it. Some people do visit this spot every time they are in goa.

Calangute beach

Any tourist cannot forget this beach when he or she is in goa. Actually, Calangute beach is even known as the queen of beaches in the realm of goa and linking from Baga to candolim beach. The beach is always crowded with tourists due to its picturesque sight. You can enjoy  everything here from parties to water activities. After all, you would not mind having some adventure, too, right? Well, some of the various activities you can try are speed boat rides, jet-skiing, parasailing, water surfing, banana riding and much more. 

Apart from  this, enjoy shopping around the Calangute beach as it is popular as one of the finest shopping hubs of Goa that offers you handicraft collections too. In brief, there are a bunch of exciting things to do for you around at the same time enjoying the magnificent sunsets and trying to pacify your mind by lying on the beach for a while.

Baga beach

This is one beach that nobody misses when in goa. When you speak of north goa tourist places, Baga beach is on the most popular of the list of north goa places. Baga beach is the finest beach for youngsters who love to stick around the beach as it offers the white sand circled by palm trees. The beach is situated three km away from Calangute so you can actually drive easily to reach Baga beach to relish some water activities and exploring cafes located on the beach. You would have a good , spritely and really refreshing time at this beach once you are there.


To sum up, book villas in north goa for a comfortable experience and a memorable time. You would enjoy every bit of Goa once you are there. After all, Goa is a place for everyone.

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