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A Guide On Preventing Mold In Your Basement

The basement is one of the most essential rooms in your home. You want to make sure it’s functional. Preventing mold from growing is one of the best ways to keep it in perfect shape.

Mold is Dangerous

Mold is common and can be quite dangerous. Mold can grow in any area. However, it is more common in areas that tend to have a lot of moisture. That describes many basements quite well. That is why you’ll want to take steps to ensure mold never takes hold in this part of your home. Even if the basement seems relatively dry, that doesn’t necessarily mean the basement is free of mold.

Common Mold Causes

As the experts at 58 Foundations tell their clients, certain conditions will tend to increase the chances of finding mold in the basement. Keep in mind that the basement lies below the grade so it’s particularly prone to moisture. That means flooding will impact the basement more quickly and lead to all kinds of problems. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and snow, it is important to inspect your basement periodically and take steps to make sure you don’t get mold.

Heading It Off At Pass

Heading it off at the pass is the best way to prevent mold from happening at all. In general, there are two causes of mold. There’s mold that develops as a result of indoor conditions and mold that happens because of conditions inside the home. Preventing mold works best when both conditions are met.

Help prevent mold from affecting your indoor spaces by ensuring the rain flows away from your home rather into it. Clean your gutters to prevent water from backing up. Take the time and inspect the windows periodically. If you notice any signs of mold build-up, now is the time to use a simple vinegar and water solution to wipe them clean.

Preventing Mold From Forming Indoors

If you want to avoid mold growth in your basement, you’ll have to make sure no moisture is getting inside. Adding a dehumidifier or two can also help remove all excess moisture.

Another way to help reduce moisture in your basement is with lots of insulation. If you don’t have any insulation, now is the time to install it. If you have some insulation, consider adding to it. Wrap your pipes so they don’t drip water on the floor. In the winter, it helps to cover your windows to help avoid the development of condensation.

In the warmer months, it can be helpful to dry your clothing outside rather than using a clothes dryer. The excess moisture will evaporate instead of flowing into the dryer and pipes as it works.

These simple tips can help ensure your basement is entirely free of mold all year long.

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