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Decorate Your Small Spaces with Deluxe Mirror Wall Tiles

Since the 1920s, mirror tiles have been embracing the interior of houses. These luxurious tiles signify glamor & extravagance beauty. Designing the walls with pieces of mirror is a great way to add depth to a small space. You’ll relish the maximum natural light inside your home. Whether decorating your bathroom or kitchen, mirror wall tiles enlighten the mood and create an illusion of more space. Traditional yet contemporary wall tiles made with glasses add versatility to your modern-looking house. This retro mixture of tiles is highly demanded and stands true to your luxury home dreams. Even the wood effect (on the top half of the wall ) with mirror tiles enhances the interior.

Keep scrolling to know the quintessence of glass wall tiles!

Inspiring Kitchen for Your Home

Opt for vintage mirror tiles that create pleasing aesthetics to your kitchen. Glass tiles are much easier to clean, making your kitchen look new every day. Get a clean-wet cloth to remove the stains and be back to the old finish look. If you’re someone who adores the darker shade kitchen, then look for grey glass wall tiles. Pair the effect with dark wood effect tile on the floor to make your kitchen match the twenty-first century trend. 

Ultra Modern Bathroom Resembling Hotel Style

Similar to kitchen tiles, antiqued mirror tiles blend perfectly with your bathroom. The classic style hides the soap scum build-up. If you want some light-reflecting look, then merge it with transparent or light hue mirror wall tiles. Adding the long-mirror cabinets on the wall can doll up the neutral natural-light bathroom style. Finally, style the bathroom with minimal yet elegant bathroom decors to feel spacious hotel bathrooms. 

Sophisticated Study or Work Room to Set Professionalism 

Your study room or work room should portray the feeling of professionalism. This will surely help you to concentrate on your tasks better. Mirror mosaic tiles shower the sophisticated effect to the whole room. Adding the layers of neutral glass tiles can also work phenomenally as they deliver elegance. Slate floor tiles are setting the trend in the study or workrooms. Moreover, there are fewer chances of slipping on the floor. 

Powerful Elements to Your Living Room 

Welcome your guests to your modish glancing living room. No other tiles other than mirror tiles really play with your living room. Without a doubt, you & your guests will experience an illusion of a bigger space. Moreover, you all will enjoy the sensation of natural light. There can be no specific shades for a living room; grey & white is one of the fashion stealing shades in the living room. To have a sunshine shade, yellow paint with glass tiles, and a glimpse of wooden work on the top half creates harmony. 


Glass tiles build a sense of space and adjust to the light. From pretty high to neutral and dull light can be created through mirror wall tiles. In addition, you can add the mirror tiles facing windows to extend the natural light spreading throughout the space. Therefore, these tiles hold timeless luxury!

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