Workout For Perfect Buttock, Thighs And Legs

The lower body of human beings includes some of the biggest muscles in the body. Your glutes, hips & thighs are among the most important, & powerful, muscle groups. Apart from having a firm, fine shapely butt, it is beneficial to do lower body workouts as they are engaged in so many physical movements. Your glutes work every time you sit, stand, walk or squat so think how many times you do these in a day. Exercising regularly strengthens your body for daily activities along with making you stronger. You will not only gain muscle strength & lean tissues, but it will make you burn calories and lose excessive fat. Moreover, strengthening legs provide your knee & ankle joints an excessive support which protects you from getting injuries. Following are the workouts that you should do for strengthening and toning your lower body after putting your workout sweatshirt or hoodies.Β 


 These are some general guidelines that we would recommend for lower body workout.

  • Workout your lower body up to three non-consecutive days in a week. Consider taking at least a single rest day between workouts.
  • If you are doing weight lifting workouts, enough that you are able to perform up to 6 to 8 reps, you might require more rest and more in workouts for recovering your muscle fibers.
  • If your ultimate goal is to achieve lean muscle tissues & endurance, then try 1 to 3 sets of 12 to 16 reps of every exercise, make sure that you utilize enough weight that you could complete reps.

Lower body is naturally strong, it requires pretty heavy weights and intense workout to challenge your body. If you are a beginner start out, with lesser intensity and gradually increase it. Always remember to give your body adequate recovery time.  

  1. Lunges with jump-changing legs

Lunge forward by using your right leg, while you hold your back upright straight. keep your left knee lower than your left one. Then Jump high as possible, while supporting yourself with arms. Change the position of your legs in the air, and land in a lunge posture with your left leg. Start with 10 to 12 reps, change your legs every time you land. Keep on increasing the total number of reps up to 30.

2. Jump crunches

Bend both of your knees a little, while drawing your arms back. Jump up straight and try to lift your knees as high as possible. This workout demands more effort compared to other lower body exercises. It is not easy to start with 30 jumps in your first attempt, so better divide them in 3 sets of 10 reps with single minute rest between them.

3. Leg raises on the side

On your right lie down straight, & prop yourself onto your hand. Then put the left hand of yours firmly on the floor right at your front. Start raising and lowering the right leg of yours with sharp or high moves. Repeat the same moment for your left leg. This workout is very useful for both of your thighs & buttocks.

4. Leg raises on the side

After wearing your workout jogger pants lie down straight on your right side, & prop your body on your hand. Then start bending your left leg, & put it down firmly on the ground at your front, hold it still with your other hand. Start raising and lowering your right leg, with no sharp or high moves. Repeat the same set with your other leg.

5. Dumbbell lunges

Start this workout by Keeping your back upright with both of your hands at your sides. keeping it straight, and do reverse lunges with the right leg of your, & then left. Make each lunge deep, by bending your leg at a right angle. 

6. Sidelong bows with a dumbbell

Start by putting your left hand on waist while holding the dumbbell in right. Then Step left, and bow down with your straight back, aligned in a straight line with the right leg.Try to touch your left ankle by extending your right hand, and keep the right leg straight & left bent at knee.

Repeat this workout the other side as well.

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